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The Questions Needs To Be Answered Before Selling A Watch

Author: Sujain Thomas
by Sujain Thomas
Posted: Nov 26, 2018
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Selling a watch is not easy especially if it is used by you. There are a lot of things to consider beyond the price that you expect to receive on your sale. All these considerations are applicable to all watches irrespective of the fact that you have never worn the watch or have used for a single day or twenty long years. Therefore, you must first know these factors that will influence your sale of the luxury watch that you own. Regardless, of the duration of wear or non-wear, a used watch is always considered as a secondhand watch.

When you want to sell your used watch for cash or to upgrade it, there are five common questions that should come to your mind and needs to be answered such as:

  • What to consider before selling the watch
  • How can you get the best price for your used watch
  • What to do to sell if the watch is broken or damaged
  • Where can you sell your used luxury watch and
  • Which are the watch brands that best retain its value?

When you have all the answers ready, you will be able to sell your watch quickly and effectively for the best price.

Steps to follow

There are a few steps to follow to set up your watch selling process and these are:

  • Finding the original papers and even the box of the watch to wrap it though you can still sell without it
  • Taking enough high quality pictures of the watch from different angles, front, sides and back in proper resolution
  • Checking the original paperwork so as to ascertain the brand, serial number and model number of your watch.

Lastly, you must fill out the online form of the store you have chosen to sell your watch to receive the price quote.

Reasons to prepare your sale

You may argue that taking pictures and posting them in a listing site will save you from all the pain but then it will also deprive you from the actual gain. Therefore, do not overlook the above mentioned process once you have decided to sell your watch. The reasons for such considerations are:

  • Box and papers: A box and original papers will add to the value of your used watch when you want to sell it in a secondhand market. These things ensure the authenticity of your watch that most collectors look for and are more interested while purchasing watches.
  • Model and serial number: When you mention the model and serial number that is found in the papers of the watch or at the back of the case or between the lugs, it will uphold the uniqueness of your watch. You must know that the model number may be the same but the serial number is unique for each piece.
  • High quality photos: When you want to sell watches
online it is essential that you post high quality photos of it. It is only then that the potential buyers will know the status and condition of your watch and balance it with the price that you may have marked for it.

These simple yet effective steps will show that you are transparent in what you are doing and are interested in providing value to the potential buyers. It will also influence the level of interest of the buyers.

Getting the best price

Now, that you are well prepared for the sale it is time to know how you can get the best price for your watch.

If you want to get the strongest offers for your watch, it is always recommended that you work with reputable, reliable and expert watch buyers only. Make sure that they have enough knowledge about the market and about your timepiece. Other factors that will influence the price of your watch include:

  • Brand: If your watch is of a reputable luxury watch brand, it will add value to it. The most sought after brands in the market include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, and Omega though any other brand is sale able.
  • Limited edition pieces: If you are lucky to own any
limited edition pieces of any luxury watch, then you are even luckier to have a better chance to get a higher price as compared to other pieces of the same model. This is because these pieces are more in demand and are rare.
  • Watch condition: A watch in excellent condition that needs no damage repair or replacement of broken parts will fetch a higher price.
  • Age: This may be an important factor only when the watch you want to sell is rare or a limited edition piece. All old watches may not be considered as rare.

In addition to all these the functionality and working condition of the watch will play a very significant role in determining the price of your watch.

Selling a broken watch

A watch can be rare or a luxury piece but broken. You may not believe that even a broken watch will have some value still remaining in it. If you can find a reliable store that has a wide network of connection in the industry, you can still get handsome offers for your broken watch.

The experts in these stores will analyze the damage caused to your watch and then factor in the cost of repair. In the end they willmake the most competitive offer. However, this is only possible for broken watches and not for those watches that are damaged by water.

There are a few specific luxury watch brands that retain their value even if it is broken and the list includes Rolex right at the top. However, depending on the model, amount of damage and the demand in the secondhand market, these following brands also retain good value but not in this specific order:

  • Patek Philippe
  • Omega
  • Cartier
  • Piaget
  • IWC
  • Breitling
  • Tag Heuer
  • Chopard and
  • Jaeger Le Coultre to name a few.

Therefore, do not throw away your used or old watch; rather find the best place to sell it.

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