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10 Party Favors Ideas That are Ideal for Your Guest!!

Author: Poppy Jordan
by Poppy Jordan
Posted: Nov 23, 2018
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An arrangement of party favors is not a difficult thing. But deciding party favor is the most confusing thing. It has to be creative, attractive and beautiful so that our guests love it. Unique favor ideas are more in trend. Everyone wants to innovate something new to amaze their guest. How about treating your guests with some delicious chocolates? If you want to arrange chocolate gifts Dubai is the place where your dream for chocolate gifts can come true. Here are some chocolate party favors ideas for your guests:

Fruit and nut chocolate box: Chocolates are the thing which everyone love. There are no age boundaries for chocolates, people of any age can eat chocolates and they love it. You can order chocolate boxes which contain fruit and nut chocolates. Your guests will love the surprise hidden in the chocolates like almond, cashew, walnut etc.

Customized chocolates: you can also customize your chocolate boxes to impress your guests. Especially if it wedding party or a birthday party. Name of bridegroom or name of birthday person can be embossed on chocolates. It will look fabulous.

Chocolate heart: If you have decided to give a chocolate box as party favor then let it be in the cute and lovely way. A heart-shaped Belgian chocolate will be perfect. You can also print your name or a little message on the back of its opening cover.

Bridegroom chocolate: Bride and groom crafted chocolate bar with other 8 little chocolates around it will amaze your guests if it is a wedding party. You can select the flavor of chocolates according to your choice. It can be dark chocolate, white chocolate or simply milk chocolate.

Corporate logo chocolate: If you are planning party favors for your corporate party then you can order chocolates with your corporate love on it with a matte black box. It will look so luxurious and it will promote your business too. So, it will work in both ways, as a gift, and as a promotion.

Festive touch: For Christmas party or Eid party, you can choose decorative chocolates. Santa cap, a jingle bell, and Christmas tree shaped chocolates will add fun to your party favor. You can customize it according to the festivals like Eat, Easter or other.

Ladies special: if you are throwing a party which is organized only for ladies then this idea will be total fun. You can arrange makeup products shaped chocolate in a pink and golden box. Ladies love the pinch of pink and glitters. In that box, you can contain lipstick, mascara, nail paint, and compact powder shaped chocolate. Surely all the ladies will love it.

Social media hits: Nowadays people are so crazy on social media. Almost everyone has a social media account and use of emojis are so fun. You can buy emoji chocolates for you guests. Cute little chocolate smilies will make your guests smile.

Vitamin sea: Beach parties are trending now a days. So, party favor also has to be related to that. Seashells, jellyfish, seahorse, starfish and conch shell shaped chocolates will look so attractive and it will impress your guests.

Tour to disneyland: Kids love cartoon characters. So, if it’s your kids birthday party, you can order chocolate boxes full of disney’s cartoon character shaped chocolates. Kids will love your surprise.

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Planning for party favor has to be creative if you want to impress your guests. You can do a lot of experiments with chocolates. Your customized chocolate ideas will look classic.

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