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Fuel Pump Quik Guide: What's The Difference Between Remanufactured and Refurbished

Author: Daryl16Bn Daryl16Bn
by Daryl16Bn Daryl16Bn
Posted: Nov 24, 2018

The process of remanufacturing a specialized equipment is not a new thing. In fact, it has been around ever since we have started using machines to operate other machines for the sake of automation and mass production through manufactories. Sometimes, however, there may be issues with the components of said machines such as the fuel pump. Knowing when the time is to remanufacture or refurbish is very important. Below is a guide on how you can differentiate a remanufactured fuel pump from a refurbish fuel pump so you have an idea of what to look for.


When you rebuild a product with intention of finishing it with the specifications that it had before and you use components that were used possibly by an exact same similar product, then you are remanufacturing. This is something that a lot of manufacturers do in order for them to not waste any supplies when mass producing products.

re-manufacturing of fuel pumps is a great idea if you are trying to save a lot of funds while still being able to produce products on a regular basis. For every establishment, there is a different reason as to why the company opted to remanufacture. It may be due to lack of pieces to top off a product.


A refurbished product is something that was taken as a whole, repaired, and intended to be sold as something that is not exactly brand new but still relatively new Because of the fact that the product still works, it can still be sold especially if the issues that are on it have been fixed prior to it being sold.

Refurbishing is popular with gadgets and factory equipment. The two have one thing in common-- the purpose of usage. When you have a gadget, you are most likely simply looking for something that will actually work.

Which one is better?

If you are going to take advantage of the re-manufacturing of fuel injection pumps, then you are probably a lot better off. Something that is refurbished may have been inspected or repaired to a degree, but nothing else can come close to the reliability that you are provided with by an equipment that was remanufactured.

Yes, the establishment did use similar parts to complete a product, but you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the product that you bought as if you are using that is something brand new. There will be less of a worry when it is time to finally start remanufacturing fuel pumps.

What products can be remanufactured or refurbished?

Depending on the source of the products, then you have rotary pumps, inline pumps, common rail pumps, and rotary pumps. You have to be able to trust your supplier and find out whether they are products that you are being given are indeed remanufactured or just refurbished. Early on, you may think that there may be no glaring difference in the quality, but that is certainly not the case in the long run.

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Dtm has a team who has years of experience and expertise in re-manufacturing of fuel pumps.

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