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The Benefits of Sharing Employee Recognition Stories

Author: Oc Tanner
by Oc Tanner
Posted: Nov 24, 2018

A good employee recognition program generally includes unique rewards, the ability for anyone to recognize others, and the ability to share the stories of employees who have been recognized. To make this program even more effective, a company can also develop a platform that allows employees to offer feedback on the program. Many times, an organization will develop an employee appreciation or recognition program but won’t share those who were recognized through the program. This is because sharing these details don’t seem important to the organization. In some cases, an organization doesn’t find these details very compelling.

Sharing employee recognition stories, however, can be compelling. This practice is also as crucial as recognizing employees for their work. Sharing recognition stories helps boost employee engagement, increases an organization's credibility, and increases employee loyalty toward their organization. If your organization has implemented an employee appreciation program, it’s important to share the stories of those who are being appreciated. Listed below are a few reasons why you should share employee recognition stories:

  • Your employees may forget that an employee appreciation program exists if they are not reminded on a regular basis: Even if your company regularly recognizes employee efforts several times a year, if you do not share this recognition company-wide, your employees may not know that this action happened. This could negatively impact your employee engagement survey. Make sure your employees are reminded that an employee recognition program exists by sending out company-wide communication about it and elevating the stories of award-winning employees. This will ensure that your company gets the credit it deserves for having this type of program.
  • Employees who receive recognition will feel even better if their story is shared with their colleagues: Raising the profile of recognition recipients reinforces the gestures of appreciation you’ve shared with them and allows their colleagues to learn why they were offered recognition. This allows your entire workforce to congratulate this individual, which makes their reward more impactful.
  • Employee recognition stories make recognition a large part of your workplace culture: Sharing recognition stories is not only helpful in fostering a culture of appreciation, makes your overall workplace culture a more positive one. By hearing these stories, your employees will understand that your company appreciates great work and feel motivated to do their own great work so that they have a chance to earn employee appreciation.

Employee appreciation is not an alien concept. A majority of organizations have taken steps to implement an employee recognition program. However, a lack of sharing recognition stories reduces the impact of such a program. By sharing these stories, you strengthen your program and make it more effective in motivating great work. Therefore, the act of sharing these stories should be included in the program itself.

By sharing employee recognition stories, you show that you are interested and willing to invest in employee development, your organization's credibility, employee wellbeing, and corporate social responsibility. Sharing stories creates a positive atmosphere where employees can learn about what the leaders of your organization expect and find ways to meet those expectations.
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