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Few Reasons Why Parents Are Enrolling Their Children In The Nursery In Pune

Author: Aditi Sharma
by Aditi Sharma
Posted: Nov 24, 2018

The emphasis on good education has gained tremendous momentum in recent times. Thus, parents are doing everything in their power to find a good Centre of learning for their young ones. Because even they believe that nursery education is the most basic foundation stone for a stable life.

They are searching for a nursery whose pedagogy gives importance to the overall holistic development of the students. And, at last, their search has reached a vantage point; they have found a nursery in pune.

The nursery schools in Pune cater to all of the criteria laid down by the parents; Pune is also known as the ‘Oxford of the east’.

The various reasons why parents are enrolling their children in these nursery schools are as follows:

  • The Overall growth of children: As discussed earlier, the schools in Pune not only focus on intellectual growth but also on the overall growth of the students.

The pedagogy instills the values of tolerance, co-operation, and discipline in your young lads. Thus, the children are not only honed for their school life but also for their life.

Thus, the nursery in Pune focuses on the holistic growth of children.

  • Poetry and drama: The nursery schools in Pune have a unique way of teaching students. They arrange various competitions such as poetry recitals and drama. This helps the students to open up and make more friends.

This also allows them to learn the important lesson of making friends and forming bonds with one another.

  • Unique teaching methods: These nurseries have a unique way of teaching students and inculcating the lessons of life. The pedagogy uses a teaching method such as play-based learning.

Play-based learning allows children to learn about the subjective and objective values of the world. It also helps them to form opinions on their own. The nursery in Pune also makes use of audio-visual teaching.

In this teaching method, teachers make use of videos or slides to help students understand the lessons.

Sports events and parent meetings: There are a number of sports events organized by the cbse schools such as running race, relay, sack-race, etc. This helps the students to learn the essence of co-operation and unity.

The children also develop one of the most important innate values of confidence. The nursery schools also arrange parent-teacher meetings. These meetings help the parents to get an insight into their children’s strengths and weaknesses; So that, they can later help the children turn their weakness into strength.

  • Security measures: The crimes against children and young ones are on an all-time high. Thus, it is important that the nursery schools provide all the required security to ensure your young lad’s safety.

But worry not, because nursery in Pune has gone ahead and introduced the latest safety gadgets available. They make use of CCTV cameras, computers and scanners at every corridor. This helps the security personnel to detect and eliminate all the foreign threats.

Hope this article helps you understand the various reasons, why parents are so eager to enroll their children, in nursery schools in pune.

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