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Research Details Developments In The Steam Humidifiers Market

Author: Nishant Mishra
by Nishant Mishra
Posted: Nov 25, 2018

Humidification is the process in which the moisture content of the air is increased through the machines which are used to create ideal climatic conditions in various industrial applications, from food production and transportation to storage of perishable items and in residential places. These machines are called humidifiers. A steam humidifier, one of the types of the humidifier, creates steam inside the unit, which is forced to be then injected into the air stream of the handler. Relative humidity is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air as a percentage of the saturation amount. The ideal relative humidity should not exceed 40% to 60% in the homes is recommended by the ASHRAE. Optimal moisture is essential for the health and helps to maintain healthy atmosphere in the homes or other industrial areas. The ratio of moisture to air changes with various factors such as temperature and pressure indicates its saturation. All humidifiers are controlled by a humidistat. Steam humidifiers are available in different models, sizes and types depending upon the need, size of area where it is to be used, and weather conditions. Steam humidifiers generate steam by its source of heat, so they don’t depend on the temperature of the system's air to produce moisture. Thus the steam humidifier is expected to gain traction in the forecast period 2017-2027.

Global Steam Humidifiers: Market Dynamics

The global steam humidifier market is driven by the factors such as need of the humidifier in the areas of lowest temperature, industries storing or processing perishable items, transportation of various items which can be affected due to lack of moisture or humidity in the air. Owing to the critical reason of its use, the global steam humidifier market is expected to gain traction. Moreover the humidifier helps the user to have maintained humidity and moisture in the air which can treat illness, moisturizes skin, protects furniture and is essential for the wellbeing. The factors such as extreme weather conditions, increasing skin sensitivity, availability of wide range of humidifiers, and constant need for such temperature controllers in the industrial areas such as food and beverages, tobacco industries, data centers and oil platforms fuels the global steam humidifier market. It is expected to have positive outlook in the forecast period 2017-2027.

However, the factors such as poor energy efficiency, and need for periodic cleaning as water minerals from can build up on the machines heating plate can affect the demand of the steam humidifiers. The steam humidifiers should be avoided in the proximity of children as there is a slight possibility that they may get hurt if came in contact with the handlers. In few models of the steam humidifiers the problem may arise of the noise of boiling water. Though the latest technologies successfully removed this issue, few of the traditional steam humidifiers can have this problem. All these factors together can affect the overall market of the steam humidifiers.

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Global Steam Humidifiers: Segmentation

Global steam humidifiers are segmented by modes

  • Automatic

  • Manual

By types of steam humidifiers, the global steam humidifier market is segmented into

  • Industrial Manufacturing

    • Aerospace

    • Automotive

    • Clean Rooms

    • Electronics

    • Medical Devices

    • Packaging

    • Paint sprays booths

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Pulp and Paper

    • Textile

    • Wood

  • People and Health

    • Home Humidification

    • Hotels and Spas

    • Hot yoga studios

    • Nursing and retirement homes

    • Offices and call centers

      Food and Beverage

      • Meat Industry

      • Cold Storage

      • Crop storage

      • Egg hatcheries

      • Mushroom growing

Global Steam Humidifiers: Segment Overview

The global steam humidifier market is segmented into three segments namely on the basis of modes, types of steam humidifiers and applications. The global steam humidifier market on the basis of mode, is segmented into automatic and manual mode. It depends on the adjustment of the relative humidity in the air. It can be adjusted manually as per need or due to technological advancement, it can also be adapted automatically. On the basis of types of steam humidifiers, the global steam humidifier market is segmented into Electrode boiler steam humidifier, Resistive steam, Gas fired Steam, Steam to steam and live steam humidifiers. These types of humidifiers are categorized depending on the techniques and generation of steam in the steam unit. The steam humidifiers are majorly used in the industrial and home applications. On the basis of applications, the global steam humidifier market is segmented into industrial manufacturing, food industries, people and health and others which includes data centers, art galleries, and halls.

Global Steam Humidifiers: Regional Overview

Geographically, the global steam humidifier market is segmented into seven regions. It includes North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Middle East and Africa. The global steam humidifier market is driven by the North America region owing to heavily concentrated industries such as IT, automotive and healthcare. It also dominate the players in the increasing number of steam humidifiers manufacturers in the region. Moreover, Europe and Asia Pacific are expected to show the high growth, due to surge in demand from increasing number of manufacturing plants for automobile industry the and number of data centers in these regions. Thus the global steam humidifier market is expected to show significant growth during forecast period. It then is supposed to have positive outlook in 2017-2027.

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Global Steam Humidifiers: Market Players

Some prominent players in the global steam humidifier market includes National Environmental Products Ltd., Thermolec, Cumulus, BONECO AG, UCAN Co. Ltd., Pure Humidifier Company, Condair Group

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