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Six Great Reasons To Donate Eggs

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: May 11, 2014
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Egg donation is one of the miracles of modern science. At any other time in human history, eggs that were not fertilized would never be used. At the same times, women who could not have children would go childless. With advanced in medical science, eggs can now be donated and can be used in order to help those women who cannot have children but want them realize their dream.

Egg donation is the process through which a woman can provide several eggs (usually around 15) to medical facilities for the purposes of either medical research or assisted reproduction. The main issue surrounding the donation of eggs is an ethical one that each individual must evaluate for themselves. There are many things that should be evaluated during that decision making process as well.

Here are six great reasons to donate eggs.

  1. Research – Research on eggs and other parts of the human reproductive system relies on donations in order to continue. Human test subjects or tissues cannot be used without the permission of the person from which they are obtained, so only through donations can research occur.
  2. Assisted Reproduction – Typically, assisted reproduction will involve in vitro fertilization of the egg inside of a laboratory.
  3. Usefulness – If a person is not planning to have children, their eggs will (to put it bluntly) go to waste. It makes sense to donate them in order to either help someone else have children or to help with research.
  4. Storage – Some procedures that must be performed can leave a woman barren or otherwise incapable of having a child. It can be a great idea; therefore, to store eggs in a medical facility for later use should children be desired. Examples could include uterine or other forms of cancer for which chemotherapy or radiation must be used that could severely damage eggs or other parts of the reproductive system.
  5. Monetary Compensation – Egg donations can bring the patient up to $4000 dollars. This compensation is enough to make the possibility of donating eggs a viable one for many individuals. Again, this will usually come down to an ethical quandary that each individual must work out for themselves.
  6. Altruism – Many egg donors donate simply for the altruism of the process. Giving back to the world and helping others or helping with the prospect of reproductive research is enough to convince many donors that the process is one that is well worth going through.

Donating eggs is a wonderful way to help those in need and to give back to the world. While it is not something that every woman may want to consider, the mere fact that it is possible says something about our species as a whole. Given the many reasons to donate eggs, it is no surprise that the process is gaining popularity each year. There are, of course, risks that are associated with the donation of eggs for both the donor and the recipient and a primary care physician should always be consulted prior to donation.

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