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16 Ways To Improve Your Automobile Carbon Emission

Author: Sarah James
by Sarah James
Posted: Nov 27, 2018

Finding ways to improve your vehicles performance and reduce its carbon emissions are in everyone’s best interests, talk with the friendly guys at Gold Coast Rental trucks to see how they do it.


Keep your vehicle well-tuned and serviced so it is running as per the government guidelines this will help to lower emissions.


Keep your tyres at the recommended pressure to reduce friction and conserve energy, the less fuel you use the cleaner the air.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Electric cars use electricity produced by carbon emitting plants, but they have a lesser overall effect and standard vehicles.

Update your car

Old models of cars are much less economical and produce larger amounts of carbon emissions than new modern cars. Try and get rid of the old gas guzzler and get a modern fuel efficient vehicle as soon as possible.


When not driving, loading or unloading, sitting at the lights or caught in traffic, turn off your engine. In a long line of traffic just idle without the accelerator so you use the minimum amount of fuel.

Liquid Fuel Catalyst

Find out if you can get a proven liquid fuel catalyst installed in your vehicle. This will help reduce carbon emissions and save you money.

Reduce Drag

Remove roof racks and boxes on your vehicle unless needed as they increase drag by building wind resistance. Do you need a big roo-bar on the front, some models drastically increase wind resistance by disrupting the air flow?


Remove the things you do not need in your vehicle to reduce weight, get rid of all those tools golf clubs and spare fuel unless you are going to use them.

Driving Style

Drive steadily accelerating gradually and keeping your distance so you need minimal braking can save up to 35% on fuel and reduce emissions.


Use your air-con when driving as having windows open increases drag, they only use more fuel when stopped or in lines of slow moving traffic.


If you don’t need to use a 4x4 then get a lighter more efficient vehicle? Why move all that weight around unnecessarily.


Vans and larger vehicles take much more energy to move go small unless you need the space.


Talk with your local mechanic or the people at Gold Coast rental trucks about the things you could do to your vehicle to reduce its carbon emissions.

Alternatives to Driving

Find an alternative way to get to your destination such as walking, bike riding or use public transportation options.


Try to find others in your area that are working at the same location as you and share the driving, you save money and reduce the traffic while reducing carbon emissions.


Go carless as often as possible; opt for one or two days each week when you do not use your car.

Finding ways to reduce the carbon emissions from your vehicle will save you money and reduce pollution, most of the measures you can take are common sense and easy to do. Purchase a new, modern, efficient vehicle or have your auto regularly serviced.

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