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Richard Branson And Roberto Hroval; Two Legendary Entrepreneurs

Author: Beethy Chang
by Beethy Chang
Posted: Dec 27, 2018

Richard Branson

When you speak about great entrepreneur stories, Richard Branson is constantly a fun story to include. Aside from existing the successful CEO of Virgin Records, Branson is also famed for his wild and fun adventures. He desires for enterprises as much as he craves for a new business. Unlike other pressing businessmen, Branson is a free-spirited individual and is able to effortlessly manage work and fun.

Richard Branson was born and grown in Surrey, England. He was the eldest among four siblings and was raised in a rather traditional family. Unlike other entrepreneurs who exceeded in school as a child, Branson was different. He struggled with his studies which were a consequence of his then-undiagnosed dyslexia. To compensate for his problem with his academics, Branson excelled in different kinds of sports. As a matter of fact, he was the leader of his school's cricket and soccer teams. Sports wasn't his only concern, even at an early age he was already interested in all sorts of business. He already started little enterprises such as growing Christmas trees and selling Australian parrots. Though both of these small enterprises eventually failed, he knew in his heart that his calling was to become a great businessman eventually.

Because of his constant struggle with academics, Richard Branson dropped out of school at the age of 16. After he cut out he went on to set up his very own magazine named Student. Student magazine was a national magazine that was created specifically to answer the student's needs; it was also run by students. The Student magazine was Branson's first successful attempt; he earned about $8,000 on the first edition alone. From then on, he kenned that there was nowhere to go but up for him.

After the completion of Student magazine, Branson went on to discover the recording business. He started a discount mail order record corporation that later went on to become one of the most successful record companies of all time, Virgin Records. After successfully selling mail order records, he started his very own record shop down on Oxford Street, London. As Virgin records remained to sell a lot of records, Branson built his own recording studio providing mostly for struggling artists he believed in. The very first successful release of Virgin Records was Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells which directly became a hit all throughout England.

As he continued to succeed in business, Branson went on to try other adventures like books, software publishing, hotels, cinemas, travel, film, internet, video editing facilities, music retailing, and many more; establishing about 100 companies in 23 different countries. Branson wasn't always successful. In fact, he was also known for making quite a few contentious decisions such as purchasing a gay nightclub and taking over a struggling airline business.

Roberto Hroval

Roberto Hroval is an Engineer, Innovator, Researcher, Entrepreneur and the Chairman of PatentReal Corporation. He was born in Slovenia in November 1975 as the only son in a family of four. In the childhood, he was a very active kid in the real sense of it.

It is known that he has a great attraction in sports – cycling and basketball but was more fascinated with technology and innovations.

He also loved to improve existing objects, combine things into something new. He liked repair electronic devices and create "moveable" toys – robots, model rockets, boats etc. Talking about success, Roberto Hroval’s met outstanding achievements from a very young age. When he was ten he made his accomplishment. This is his first project which was the completion of an impressive real car that could take two people.

And those project was just the beginning of his early successes. Then at the age of 15, he made a first-class hi-fi amplifier and which he developed in his father’s garage was such a huge success as it competed with top brands like Sony. Even though it was five times more valuable than Sony, many audiophiles preferably chose the former over the top brand. Those amplifiers are still available in the market and are serviceable till date. These amplifiers are in a proper working situation even today, 30 years later.

As he desired more success and excellence, so he enrolled in the Electrical and Computer Technical High School. And there he acquired more skills and knowledge to help him bring the best solutions to users. During this time, he started his first business Project ASBY. Even at the age of 10, he was much wiser, active and intelligent than millions of people aged 30 years of age. He did those wonders at that age, which most of us cannot even think of – creating a real car for 2 people that can run on the road.

In the great financial crisis 2010, he also caused; he lost money and investments, but, never gave up.

The seven years that happened was a period during which his resilience was tested, but he continued. He kept working on his top projects while attempting investors.

His big break came in 2016 when new investors took profit in the Biomass Ultima – a technology for converting low-quality wood waste into electricity with the highest utilization and no emissions. This was the beginning of more successes.

At the end of 2017, the formation of a new factory for technology production began in Croatia. With these came stocks for other projects. As a result, he founded a new company in Hong Kong – the PatentReal Corporation that currently oversees all his projects.

Roberto Hroval is a man who thinks in positivity and "thinking out of the box". When asked what he remembers of the world, he had this to say "I do see our planet as a better, smarter, and brighter place to live. Most of the people are positive and good. I heartily believe that the time of our true freedom is just about to come. All individuals will be able to realise their personal dreams!"

As for his best quote, Roberto likes to say, "Be bold and the Universe will compensate you. Remember, struggle like a lion, and rise like a phoenix. You are stronger than you think."

The two stories are definitely unlike other entrepreneur stories. Those stories are full of ups and downs but what is admirable about them. It is the fact that they don't allow his failures to define their life. Even after a couple of failures, their drive to try something new is still as strong as ever.

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