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Child Centered Play Therapy

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Nov 26, 2018
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This video presents a total and unrehearsed play therapy activity with Garry working with a small girl in a perfectly designed play therapy room. This video shows the Child-Centered Play Therapy strategy by role playing. The whole process develops a good relationship with a young girl where the therapist provides visual reinforcement to the young girl. The process develops by following the child's lead thus empowering the child. This facilitates the development of child’s strengths. The play presents Garry responding to the accidents in the playroom. This builds the young girl’s self-esteem through returning the responsibility to the child. Mr. Garry Participates in the child’s play while avoiding tampering with her structuring. Therefore, the process ends up empowering the young girl. He also deals with the child’s reluctance to leave the room. This reveals the motivation that the child gets to form the relationship they share in the play room. Throughout the video, Garry gives key commentary highlighting particular moments in the play therapy which clearly emphasizes the primary principles of child centered therapy. Therefore, watching him play in play therapy with the young girl reveals the importance of this approach. The video perfectly complements the Play Therapy approach which is the art of relationship, giving learners, supervisors, instructors as well as practitioners the visual reinforcement of various materials presented in text form.


Play therapy as a dynamic activity between child and Play therapist makes a child explore at her own pace with her agenda on issues of past, current, conscious as well as unconscious which affects her present. The child's inner resources get enabled through the therapeutic relationship to create growth as well as change. The therapy remains child-centered where the play becomes the primary medium while speech becomes a secondary medium (Ray, Armstrong, Balkin & Jayne, 2015). At the center of the play therapy, there is a troubled child who the therapist tries to give freedom, within the limits of the structure that the therapist gives. This provides the child with abilities to explore her ideas as well as feelings about self as well as others through the play. Such experience remains different from that which the child plays with her friends, parents, siblings or even family members. The reason is that the therapeutic relationship creates a particular environment (Lin & Bratton, 2015). The play therapy period generates a good time for the child to keep on experimenting with change, learn to take choices, develop a sense of self-responsibility as well as self-direction. This process makes the child resolve her emotional hardships as well as inner conflicts. This spontaneous play for children remains long recognized as the most natural communication form. In the process of play therapy, the additional dimension becomes the child's developing good relationship with her empathic as well as attuned professional Play Therapist. In the video, the child is given opportunity by the therapist to explore her current situation. The therapist empowers the child through visual reinforcement. The child can pick equipment and appropriately use them on the therapist. She gets corrected whenever she misses a point. The child develops confidence as she portrays great mastery in her activities. She picks right materials as well as few instructions given to promote her knowledge. This, therefore, provides a good learning opportunity for the child.


Lin, Y., & Bratton, S. C. (2015): A Meta-Analytic Review of Child-Centered Play Therapy Approaches. Journal of Counseling & Development, 93(1), 45-58. doi:10.12/j.1556- 6676.2015.00180.x


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