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Refinishing with Peel Away 7 Creates Beauty that Lasts

Author: Big Paint Store
by Big Paint Store
Posted: May 12, 2014

Some pieces of furniture are so beautiful, even under the layers of ugly old paint, the thought of getting rid of them is impossible to entertain. Unfortunately, refinishing even basic pieces of furniture can be a time consuming project. Hiring someone to do the job can be costly. There is an alternative, however. When Peel Away 7 and Modern Masters Paint are used in concert, the task is a lot easier to handle with expertise even if you’ve never refinished wood before.

How it Works

Peel Away 7 is a paint stripping system that’s designed to remove old finishes, including layers of paint, with ease. In addition to getting rid of layers of color, it also prepares and protects wood for eventual refinishing using a product like Modern Masters Paint varnishes or stain that enable the wood’s natural beauty to shine through.

The stripping system is designed to be a little different from other products out there. Rather than rely on harsh chemicals to remove unwanted oil and latex paint or varnish, it’s considered environmentally safe. It also treats the wood with care, using no caustics in the mix. That means it enables stripping without damaging the underlying wood in the process.

Why Refinish?

There are a number of reasons to take old, painted pieces and reveal the wood underneath for a fresh, clean coat of varnish or stain. When older pieces are recycled in this manner, you’re likely to discover a number of benefits. They include:

  • Cost savings – It’s simply cheaper to use a product like Peel Away 7 to restore furniture to its natural beauty rather than replace it with newly purchased pieces.
  • Potential value increase – People who love frequenting estate and yard sales understand that painted layers might just hide beautiful pieces underneath. In some cases, the finds are actually quite valuable and can become more so if the original wood is brought back to the surface.
  • The quality – Antique furniture tends to be created using processes that are designed to deliver quality. It just doesn’t make sense, for example, to throw away a dresser with real tongue-and-groove construction for a new piece that’s made of pressed wood, glue and staples.

Bringing out the beauty of furniture and other wood designs is what the Peel Away 7 and Modern Masters Paint combination is all about.

About the Company:

The Big Paint Store is one of the Internet’s leading providers of paint supplies, strippers and varnishes. Offering products like Peel Away 7 and Modern Masters Paint, the company makes home improvement easier and more affordable for its customers.

About the Author

The Big Paint Store is one of the Internet’s leading suppliers of Peel Away 1 products, Modern Masters Paint and other supplies. Consumers across the country can order a variety of home care and home improvement project supplies from the store.

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