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How Can Speed Bumps Improve The Safety Standards For You

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Nov 29, 2018
speed bumps

Speed bumps basically are strips of raised platforms which provide an uneven contoured road that forces high-speed vehicles to lose momentum quickly. It is used to both control and brings high-speed cars down to a manageable level. Speed blocks are vital in the prevention of accidents and help to mitigate the chances of collision between crisscrossing traffic. It is especially more useful in modern cities where traffics from the other lanes are barely visible over the tall adjacent structures. Such speed bumps also act as a visual marker during the day with their bright yellow stripes and have fluorescent paint that reflects light at night.

Uses Of Speed Bumps

With the invention of automobiles and its modernization, such vehicles have become capable of attaining high speeds with maximum fuel efficiency. It is no secret today that most of us use the car, buss, motorcycles and other such vehicles for transport. With this exponential increase in some vehicle users, road accidents too have become a common occurrence. It results in millions of deaths every year all across the world and many of these even go unaccounted for. Therefore, it has become essential that certain preventive devices and systems are put in place. Such measures can prevent high-speed accidents that also pose a substantial threat to bystanders.There are many advantages of a speed bump that can be effectively used to ensure the safety of commuters traveling to and fro from their destination.

Types And Advantages Of Speed Bumps

There are many types of such speed bumps available in the market, each designed uniquely for a specific purpose. Most of such items come with cat’s eye reflectors and bright yellow stripes for better visibility. There are speed bumps for small lanes, specially modified bumps for single lanes that provide enough clearance for low slung sports cars, double lane speed bumps, small rider speed bumps and many more.

Such bumps are not only very flexible but also very cheap to manufacture. Products produced by companies such as Unimat Traffic USA are so compelling that all significant malls and road contractors are availing such speed bumps for better protection and safety. You can even buy it from hardware shops for your private garage entrance or business parking lot. The greatest advantage being you can remove them anytime if not needed or reinstall them in another area better suited for the purpose.

Today due to revolutionary advancement in composite polymer technology and hard rubbers, it has become possible for people to avail the advance safety provided by modern speed bumps. It is most importantly useful in modern metropolitan areas where traffics from the other lanes are barely noticeable more than the high adjacent constructions. Such velocity bumps also take action as a visible gun during the day time with their shiny yellowish lines and possess fluorescent color that displays light at night time. With such advanced technology coupled with well-designed and purpose-built bumps, the road has become a far safer place than it was earlier.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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