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The Guide to Getting Ducted Air Conditioner in Australia

Author: Art Gellar
by Art Gellar
Posted: Dec 02, 2018
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The Australian weather can be tough, especially during the summer heat, hence, every Australian homeowner strives to get a form of air conditioning to make living comfortable in these moments. This guide is specially designed to highlight the perks that come with using a ducted air con and how to get the best ducted air con systems, as well as professional installations.

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Why Should You Opt For Ducted Air Conditioning?

The installation of a ducted air conditioning system can be a really costly choice if considered from certain angles. However, it remains the most effective option for individuals looking to get climate control for their entire home. With a ducted system, you can conveniently cool every necessary room in your house, and with the integrated control panel, you can manage which rooms get cooled and which rooms do not.

Here are some top benefits of installing a ducted air con:

  • They are energy efficient, especially the modern systems
  • They offer the capability of cooling the whole house with a single system
  • You can cool the home in the summer and heat the home in the winter, with the air con’s reverse cycle system
  • The cooling or warming is relatively faster with ducted systems
  • The system is a cheaper option, since you do not have to install and run different air conditioners in each of the rooms
  • You can conveniently cool or heat some rooms and leaving out others, using the control panel

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Any air conditioner running a reverse cycle can do both cooling and heating during the summer and winter respectively. The reverse cycle feature is not available on all air cons, however, it is common among the ducted systems.

So, what basically happens is that the system reverses the same process it uses to cool air during the summer to provide warm air during winter.

Important Factors to Consider Before Using a Ducted Air Con System

The first thing is to consider the type of home – either a new build or existing home. For new builds, installing a ducted air conditioning is technically easier, you just need to integrate the system into the house plans prior to building.

However, in cases of already-built homes, there are far more logistics, which are usually challenging. In such instances, you will have to consider the following questions before going on with the installation of a ducted air con system:

  • Is it a multi-storey or single-storey home?
  • What is the home made of (construction materials)?
  • How much space can the ceiling cavity offer and what is the height of the ceiling?
  • Are there existing insulation systems?
  • How many rooms are you looking to serve with the system?
  • How many regular inhabitants are in the home?

How Costly Is It To Run A Ducted Air Con?

Electricity is one of the top prerequisites for any air conditioning system, however, the modern systems are much more energy efficient than the older versions.

How much you will spend running a new ducted air con is dependent on several factors, including the level of insulation in your home, the energy supplier you use, the size of the spaces to be heated or cooled, the number of inhabitants, and how frequent you want the system on, among others.

Studies have shown that a total cost of $250 to $500 is usually incurred in the installation and running of a modern ducted air conditioning system, although this is dependent on the factors highlighted in the previous paragraph.

For homes that run the air con system in the winter or summer constantly, the cost will be very much higher. Even at that, ducted systems runs at a great speed and operates efficiently, thus lowering costs compared to the single room systems.

The way you configure and run your ducted air con system will be determined by your individual preferences and your budget. For some, they will want their systems to run longer and at colder temperatures during the summer, while for others, they only need the system on for a few hours and at lower temperatures.

How Does Your Home Benefits from Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

The value you get from running a ducted air con system usually outweighs the installation and purchasing costs, whether you are installing the system in a new or already-existing home. And most times, these values are the determining factors for home owners who are much more interested in the extra special things they get out of a property rather than the costs.

So, in the case of a ducted air con system, the overall value it adds to your property is worth double the amount you paid in buying and setting it up.

Finding the Right System and Professional Installation

By taking into consideration the guide and the determining factors discussed above, you will need to identify the best ducted air conditioning system that meet your requirements. While this task may be tedious when handled all by yourself, you can make a better decision more easily by discussing it with the air conditioning firm that will also be installing the system.

You will be required to provide some basic information, and this coupled with a comprehensive inspection of your property, will guide the company in advising you on the best options available, and the possibilities of saving some money on the system.

Instead of guessing your way out, it is better and safer to find a reliable supplier of air conditioning systems and a technician that will install the system. Make a prior research on the various types of ducted air-conditioning systems and the top manufacturers, and find a reputable company to install the new system for you.

Personal recommendations from friends, colleagues, and families is one of the best ways of finding reliable air conditioning companies. You can also check out independent online reviews and ratings to help you to make a better decision.

Is Ducted Air Conditioner Right For You?

If you are seeking to have a total control over the climate inside your home, and you can afford the ducted air con system, then it is definitely the right choice. With a ducted system, every important room in your house will be served conveniently during winter and summer, and your property also becomes more valuable.

The modern air conditioners are known for their high energy efficiency, thus, you can rest assured you will not be spending outrageously on electric bills, while enjoying coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

So, install a ducted air conditioning today, and get yourself an ultimate climate control system.

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