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How NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Can Fetch You More Marks?

Author: Juan Curran
by Juan Curran
Posted: Dec 03, 2018
ncert solutions

How does it feel to be just one step away from the board year? Are you scared? Well, class 9 is a crucial year just like Class 10. This means you should work just as hard in Class 9 as you would do in Class 10. If you want to score well in Class 9, you must channelize your efforts systematically.

Many students start preparing for entrance exams like NEET and JEE right from Class 9. If you are one of those students, this channelization of efforts doesn’t just improve your score for Class 9 but also supports your preparation efforts for entrance exams like JEE and NEET.

Preparing for Class 9 together with entrance exams may turn out to be more hectic than you think. How can you make it easier for yourself? The answer lies in NCERT solutions for Class 9. CBSE follows the curriculum of NCERT which makes it the best resource to practice what you have learned.

Practicing the questions from NCERT solutions is the best way to revise the whole syllabus for CBSE Class 9. These solutions give you the answers to the end of chapter questions in the NCERT textbooks and so they make a great homework support as well. Moreover, NCERT solutions are also supporting JEE and NEET preparation.

So how can you put NCERT solutions to best use? Check out the subject wise NCERT solutions for Class 9

Subject wise NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 9:

  1. Biology: Biology is an essential science subject that deals with living organisms. It is a difficult subject as there are many terms and definitions. Biology is included in the compulsory subjects for NEET entrance exam as well. The questions in biology are theoretical and diagrammatic. To write proper answers in biology, refer to class 9 NCERT solutions for biology.
  2. Chemistry: Chemistry, like biology, is also a science subject which is about the study of matter. Chemistry is a mandatory subject for entrance exams i.e. JEE and NEET. Chemistry has many chemical equations and reactions. NCERT solutions for chemistry can assist you in practicing all the questions.
  3. Civics: Civics is a subject for students to learn about different aspects of citizenship. The subject is filled with different laws and their applications. To score well in the civics paper, NCERT solutions for civics give you the best way of using the laws in your answers.
  4. Economics: Economics is the subject of the money rotation in and around a country. Economics has many theories and laws which can be difficult to remember. NCERT solutions for Economics have all the answers so that you can easily learn everything about economics.
  5. English: English is one of the language subjects, which is filled with concepts like grammar, style, etc. The types of questions asked in English are compositions and grammar which are challenging. NCERT solutions for English help you with learning how to write answers to perfect answers.
  6. Geography: Geography is a subject of maps and locations. Geography covers concepts based on the different geographic positions of lands on planet earth. Geography can be a difficult subject as it has questions about coordinates, etc. NCERT solutions can help you understand how to write answers to get good marks.
  7. Hindi: Hindi is another language subject which is similar to English in terms of concepts. Hindi can be difficult to learn because of its complexities in grammar and literature. NCERT solutions for Hindi can make it easy for you to cope up with Hindi and get good marks.
  8. History: History is a subject about everything happened in past. This is a subject with historical dates and names of people who are a part of that historical moment. To remember all the dates and names while you write your answers, NCERT solutions for History can become a good support.
  9. Mathematics: Mathematics is a science and commerce subject which is a cluster of calculative numerical questions. It is a mandatory subject for the JEE entrance exam. It is one of the most difficult subjects amongst all. To score well in Class 9 finals and entrance exam, NCERT solutions for math is the best resource as it provides you with all answers step by step.
  10. Physics: Physics is a science subject which is a combination of theory and numerical. It is a subject that requires conceptual as well as methodological understanding. The theory and numerical part of Physics can be covered simultaneously with NCERT solutions of Physics.

Class 9 is a wake-up call for the further coming challenges. To overcome all the challenges, NCERT solutions can be your guide. With NCERT solutions you can increase your practice and revision of the syllabus and prepare for entrance exams as well. Begin your preparation with the study-mate NCERT solutions.

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Juan is an experienced writer who holds more than 10 years of experience on writing informative articles on education sectors, this time he focuses to write for cbse students for class 9 to take advantage of Ncert books to score well in board exam.

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