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Choosing the right headlight bulbs for your car.

Author: Stacy Johnna
by Stacy Johnna
Posted: Dec 04, 2018
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Headlights are the most important part of any car. And choosing the right one is the most integral part when you are thinking of changing one for your car. And with the wide range of lights available in the market, it becomes hard to decide how to choose best headlight bulb.Headlight bulbs can loose upto 20% of their output in just two or three years, that means you need to keep a check on the situation of your light very minutely.

So, while choosing right kind of light one should always keep 3 things in mind :

  1. Life-span :- While choosing the light, one has to make sure that the bulb spend longer time behind the glass and if the chosen light have longer life than it saves you lot of money because as you won’t have to change the light frequently. You must also look for the bulbs that are easy to change and don’t need technical assistance as that will be an easier way to have the light installed.
  2. Brightness :- Brightness of the weebulb is the most important and prominent feature required. As an brighter bulb will give more forward vision while driving, as well as improved side vision. But the brighter the bulb will be, the faster it will get worn out. Bright lights heightens the visibility on the road by more than 50 percent. However brighter light cost you more.
  3. Whiteness :- An high intensity light gives the better vision of signage at the road. Also they are safer than their counterparts. A whiter bulb gives the crisper, high definition view, allowing the driver to pick out more details, especially in the peripheral vision. Whiter headlight bulbs gives upgrade in looks, style and appearance of your vehicle, mimicking the more expensive systems.

Apart that one thing which many people consider while choosing the light is Colour temperature of the bulb. Generally stock bulbs have colour temperature between 3000K to 3400K (colour temperature is measured in Kelvin, denoted as "K") thus they have yellowish tint. The yellowish tinted lights give better vision during rains and fogs. While, when we moved further up the Kelvin ratings the light becomes pure white, giving the premium look. That’s the reason luxury car comes stock with bulb of higher Kelvin rating. However, the rating of Kelvin is higher than 4500K turns into blue tint, which is illegal in many countries.

After this one has to be sure that what type of bulb they want. There are two types of bulbs one is Halogen bulbs and other is LED bulbs. Halogen bulbs are considered as the best and popular lighting option. While LED are not back in race. The only thing which is giving competition to LED is the cost effectiveness of Halogen bulbs. They are cheaper than the other and have long life span.

But at last a sensible choice is striking the balance between all the requirements while going for the change of your headlight bulbs.

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Stacy is a technology enthusiast by hobby and a research scholar by profession. She remains well updated about the latest state of the art innovations.

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