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Affordable and Eco-Friendly Cork Floors

Author: Jeson Clarke
by Jeson Clarke
Posted: May 13, 2014

Concerned about nature

It is quite understandable that at the current rate the trees are being torn down, the forest area will deplete soon. Although the companies responsible are taking measures like corporate social responsibility to tone this damage down and planting new trees in the place of cut ones, one could always do some more. Any little contribution to the world on the individual level can surely make a difference to all. Any individuals whose basic principles are founded on this value will do everything that they can to ensure that their choices do not reflect badly on the nature in any way. These choices may be for them or for their homes. When this is the case, wooden floors will not appeal to them. They will look for more eco-friendly and sustainable options. People like this will find their answers in the cork floors.

How are they eco-friendly?

Cork floors are not made of solid wood like any other wooden materials. They do not extensively damage or kill trees. They are harvested from mature trees, by peeling away the top layers. On any single tree cork is harvested only years apart from the last; thus giving the trees to mature enough before harvesting. This is a much more viable option and promotes a more sustainable planet for the better.

The benefits

The cork floors that are made with this material are highly durable. They can prevent dust settling on them. They are not inflammable among many other things. Their benefits are a crown setting on their sustainable way of production. With environmental concern enveloping and spreading through a large part of Columbus, cork floors have become the most common choice of customers who are concerned about their nature. This is not to say that this is the only option that is eco-friendly. Bamboo flooring also has properties that render minimum harm to the environment. They come in a whole range of styles and designs that appeal to their customers as well.

Get the best

Cork floors in Columbus are a common occurrence in many homes these days. Their popularity has been growing with time. Their benefits have made them a durable and reasonable choice- for the home and the planet. Another benefit of having them is that, they are quite affordable. Thus, they truly make for a great new option, at lesser price than otherwise.

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