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Join Music Production Courses to Learn the Best 3 DAW

Author: Trudy Seeger
by Trudy Seeger
Posted: Dec 07, 2018
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The digital music world is going through a wonderful phase with the release of a string of software and hardware. Music technology is evolving at an incredible and unprecedented pace. The hotly-debated topic of discussion in the digital music production circuit is which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is really the best for producing music.

In this context, you must know that a DAW is actually a comprehensive production, as well as, editing software. There is a wide range of DAW options available today in the market. Each DAW is known to offer its very own set of unique attributes and quirks. The diversity and the uniqueness of each one of them make it pretty obvious for you to get overwhelmed while determining the best DAW to choose and commit to.

Identify the Best DAW by Taking Music Production Courses

Some experts believe that there is nothing called best DAW. The best DAW is subjective and depends exclusively on an individual engineer’s or an individual producer’s unique requirements. Again some might claim that the best possible DAW is obviously, the one you know, as much as, the back of your hand. You would be concentrating on the process of developing music with as few obstacles as possible. Join a reputed music institute as BeatPro that offers exceptionally good online music production courses. These are comprehensive courses that help you stay abreast with the latest developments in the music production world.

Today you would come across a myriad of DAW options that make it especially, perplexing to make the right choice. That is because you would be investing a tremendous amount of studio hours and valuable time into this application. Here are a few popular DAW dominating the electronic music world that has been discussed and evaluated for your convenience.


Latest version is 9.1.7

This is the undisputed king of all DAWs in electronic Music, as far as, the popularity goes. Ableton gained instant attention thanks to its innovative and fascinating way of sketching down interesting ideas and thoughts within a clip-based sequencer. Frankly speaking, this DAW became so much popular and well-accepted that people did not keep in mind that the application was a live one and serves as a unique and novel tool for live performances.

Reasons for Using It

Ableton is definitely the most recommended Digital Audio Workstation for electronic music thanks to its wide range of creative possibilities and ease of use. To be precise, it boasts of a fantastically accessible interface that works out great for the beginners. Moreover, the clip-based sequencing of Ableton is known to cater especially to electronic music instead of conventionally recorded audio.


Latest version is 1.1.1

Bitwig is the new player in the electronic music circuit, but it has already won a lot of allegiance and popularity in the audio engineering world. Though Bitwig has been accused of being nothing but an Ableton clone, experts believe that it has its own distinctive features and offers a lot more.

The Bitwig team has been concentrating singularly on the requirements of the modern or the contemporary electronic musician. There have been numerous updates. The team believes in staying abreast with the latest and so they have been constantly improving and refining the program.

Reasons for Using It

The user interface of Bitwig Studio is modern and quite sleek. The workflow really feels pretty refined and flaunts three main views. Bitwig is really a hot favorite and all are fascinated by its frequent updates as one could be sure that its developers are constantly working on it and giving it their utmost attention.


Latest version is 8.0.10

Cubase has always been regarded as an industry standard. It is an exceptional piece of software and is often called ‘the granddaddy of DAWs’. This was developed in the year 1989 and was created by Steinberg. Incidentally, Steinberg happened to be the organization that was responsible for launching the Virtual Instrument Plugin technology.

Many renowned music composers including Hans Zimmer are in the habit of using Cubase. It was originally introduced on Atari.

Reasons for Using It

Steinberg Cubase is in the circuit for quite a long time and Steinberg has done a commendable job of enhancing it with time. As such, today it is undoubtedly one of the most stable applications in the electronic music circuit. It also boasts of the VST compatibility.

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