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Knock the Future of Education with Educational Apps

Author: Abhinav Bhutada
by Abhinav Bhutada
Posted: Dec 07, 2018
educational apps

The mobile usage is increasing day by day at an exponential rate and the educational sector is not an exception.

As it infiltrates the education sector, student-centric learning and teachers becoming the facilitators will be the norm of future in every town and city.

Let us see why.

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The future of education is to strengthen the student-centric learning through personalized learnings and flexibility. Eventually, the traditional teaching and learning methodologies are witnessing a paradigm shift with the introduction of mobile apps in education.

The educational apps navigate the students with a great deal of flexibility. In brief, the disruption caused by the educational apps is paving the way for an evolved school of thought. It’s the future knocking for education.

Let us understand how educational apps are influencing the education and its navigation forward here.

As a first note, we should understand that mobile apps are not replacing the education methodologies, but it is an added advantage. It is serving as a complement for the existing system by optimizing the learning ways.

Mobile Apps in Learning:

We are already using mobile apps for gaming, billing, banking, ticket booking, and, more. Considering its convenience, mobile apps are being exploited for learning too.

The educational apps are mainly meant to promote self-learning as the students are given provision to learn at their convenient time, extract a range of information on a single device, interact with parents and teachers, connect with fellow students, have fun in learning, adopt the technology, and more.

A few of the benefits of using mobile apps in learning are highlighted below.

Benefits of Educational Apps in Learning Process:

Learning made modern and exciting: Adoption of technology kindles the students’ interest towards learning as it engages them through novelty in learning methodologies like games, puzzles, trackers for tests, quiz, videos, audios, and more.

Learning in a more organized way: Educational apps facilitate the students to learn systematically. The files are saved in an organized and neat manner to help the students access or retrieve the files quickly. This makes the learning process enjoyable.

Enhanced Interaction: The app’s exclusive feature paves the way for interactivity with the parents and teachers. The students' academic performance and app usage remain under their vicinity which helps them to track learnings and interact to guide as required.

Parent-Teacher communication: One of the major setbacks in student learnings is lack of parent-teacher communication as we find more two-parent working scenario today. Teachers can communicate with the parents through the apps and bring the required change in learnings and overall development.

24/7 Availability: With the help of educational apps, the students can learn from anywhere anytime. As they have the freedom to have a flexible schedule, it makes learning convenient and efficiently utilize the leisure hours.

Benefit for teachers: Teachers can share the learning aids-pdfs, podcasts, videos, and more as required depending on the competency of the students. In brief, they can make learning personalized, grade assignments and projects.

Closing the technology skill gap: Smart learning is the need of the day and mobile apps complement it. Exposure to modern and evolving technologies at an early stage of learning helps the students to close the skill gap and help them in the future.

Moving forward, let us dive into the future of education with educational apps through objective conclusions.

Knock the future of education with Educational apps:

The use of mobile devices is no more a luxury but a necessity. It is no wonder if we see the students attending a class with the mobile device soon.

Self-learning and learn anytime is the encouraging factor to witness this phenomenal change in the education. As the student's learnings are becoming more diverse, these mobile apps are bound to support it with flexibility.

Moreover, we anticipate the continued and updated incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in mobile apps making the learning process immersive.

Smart devices are expected to replace the notebooks and textbooks. And teachers may take up the role as the facilitators rather than the instructors. In brief, the existing classroom concept may change, the teaching methodology may change. A teacher may have a student from the same school or a different one across the globe and vice-versa, but never a replacement of teacher.

What matters most is the convenience and time. And, an educational app will win the show in this regard.

What do you say?

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