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Why Should You Opt for Herbal Medicine Treatment?

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Dec 08, 2018

There has been a rapid and huge development in the world of medicine, but despite of this development, herbal medicine is gaining equal popularity. Some people even opt for herbal medicine as an alternative to conventional medicine. Herbal medicine in Houston is based on the holistic approach of traditional Chinese medicine which is based on the principle of energy "Qi". According to this principle, the health in the human body is the result of the balance of this energy, and if something is not fine, then this energy needs to be balanced to treat the condition. "Qi" is balanced when there is an equilibrium between various opposite factors in the body, such as heat vs. cold, dampness vs. dryness, active vs. inactive, full vs. empty and so on. These are also referred to as Yin and Yang. When the balance is disturbed by the external and internal factors, it causes diseases and illness in the body.

Herbal medicine is one of the forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that use the combination of different herbs. It is different from western herbal medicine that uses the properties of herbs such as anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and antispasmodic properties. Herbal medicine in Houston makes use of the herbs not for the disease or the symptoms but for the individual. The specialists check the pulse and ask a series of question to find out the possible cause of energy imbalance, and then herbs are given to correct the energy flow.

Herbal medicine in Houston has four categories of herbs; ministerial herb, deputy herb, assistant herb, and envoy herb. Each of these categories has its role in the complete formula which is prepared for the patient. Ministerial herb is disease-specific which means its selection is based on the type of disease in the body. Deputy herb coexists with the ministerial herb and also aims the disease. As the name suggests, assistant herb provides assistant to the ministerial and the deputy herb while reducing the chances of any side effects that may happen because of the interaction of ministerial and deputy herbs. The envoy herb makes use of the ministerial herb to work on the affected area of the body that has caused the discomfort or the disease.

Like conventional medicine, herbal medicine can also treat most of the body conditions that require medical attention. It includes even complex conditions such as hepatitis, insomnia, cold and flu, infertility, sexual dysfunction, menstrual pain, menopause, and even cancer. Despite of all the popularity and an increasing number of people opting for herbal medicine, it always remains the personal choice of the person because there are no scientific evidence to prove its success and most of the physicians do not suggest herbal treatment for most of the disorders and diseases. is a natural health clinic in Houston providing treatment for anti-aging, skin disorders, weight loss, infertility, migraine, emotional and mental disorders, etc. Galleria Oriental Medicine & Wellness Center is specializing in acupuncture, alternative medicine, and Chinese herbal medicine. To know more, visit

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