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Podium Sports- The beauty of presenting the awards

Author: Robert Paul
by Robert Paul
Posted: Dec 09, 2018

While taking part in sports as a young man growing up, I was part of several teams that were presented with awards on the Podiums for Sportsbut was never the recipient of any individual award.

Awards are mainly based on expertise and outcomes. I was actually not prepared for my very first award as a presenter. Problems with sports awards podium is the most common problem faced by presenters. Accepting what might be wrong at the podium may be beneficial to enhance the abilities of the presenter. The knowledge is much improved by learning about the podium or options associated with a podium. Here are some points presenters should consider before their next presentation around a podium.

  • Moving back and forth around the winner’s podium makes the presenter look nervous before the audience. Standing in a relaxed state with legs a few inches apart and the knees not locked might assist in preventing the presenter from becoming impulsive.
  • Learning on the podium sports can either make the presenter very confident and casual or dizzy that they should learn something to keep from falling over. Presenters should always stand behind or at the side of the podium instead of using the podium as a support for their body.
  • If the presenter at the top of the sports awards podium, this removes the utility of gesturing as a visual tool. Gestures should be sufficient and grand for the audience to look and realize how the gesture focuses the point of the presenter. If the podium is placed very high and the microphone permits, the presenter might decide to move to the side while focusing on a gesture.
  • Presenters reading prepared scripts on top of the
Winners Podium prevent direct eye contact with the audience. The presenter should know their subject well enough to only utilize notes as an outline for prompts to choose where they left off all the questions asked to them. If the presenter is not comfortable with being separated from their notes, they may stand to the side of the podium and move behind when they have to check notes.

  • Holding the podium may convey the message that the presenter is angry or nervous about speaking to the audience, depending on their facial expression. If the presenter has a habit of holding the podium, they might prefer to stand next to the podium, or not even have any podium to prevent this.
  • Banging or tapping on the podium may turn off the audience and might send a negative message instead of focusing on a point if that was the intention. Don’t utilize the podium to create sound effects as will never be as effective as you expect it to be.

All these points will surely enhance the awareness of the presenter and propel him to get the best podium within his budget.

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