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How to Start Small Peanut Roasting Business?

Author: Serena Han
by Serena Han
Posted: Dec 10, 2018
peanut roasting

Roasted peanuts are very popular in the market, so more and more people begin to invest in the peanut roasting business. So for some small individuals, how to start the small peanut roasting business?

Small Peanut Roasting Machine is a new type of peanut processing equipment welcomed by everyone in recent years. It is suitable for original peanut, southern milk peanut, saltwater peanut and shelled peanut. It is the best choice to start small-scale peanut business.

Introduce of Factory Peanut Roasting Machine

  1. This small type peanut roasting machine is applicable for peanut kernel, horsebean, coffee bean, melon seeds, nutlet, nut etc. dry and roasted.
  2. It has electric and gas two types, you can choose freely.
  3. Using rotary drum, heat conduction, heat radiation principle, low production cost.

The machine is easy to use, energy efficient, durable and so on. Baking products of good quality, health, which can meet the export standards.

Application areas

Snack Food Industry: melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnut oil press: sesame seeds, rapeseed, soybeans

Tea industry: fixing, drying Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese planing condiment industry: pepper, pepper, anise, fennel

Chemical industry: drying and heating of chemical raw materials Tobacco processing industry: baking process

Features of Groundnut Roasting Machine:

1. Low consumption

The machine uses a composite pan body. Protection of heat can not be discharged to the outside, the thermal efficiency of up to 95% or more than the traditional electric heating roasting equipment saving more than 45%.

2. Time-saving and energy-saving

The electromagnetic heating machine drum does not require any heat transfer mode directly, and can reach 100 ° C within 30 seconds after startup, improving the working efficiency and reducing the waste of heat energy during the conduction process. Roasted 10 pounds of raw melon power 0.6 degrees, 10 pounds sesame power 0.55 degrees.

3. Exquisite materials

All stainless steel materials to ensure the health and safety of baked products, in line with GMP standards.

High temperature: the maximum temperature up to 400?

4. Human-machine interface

user-friendly design, intelligent control, parameter setting convenient and quick.

Accurate temperature control, low operating skills, temperature control in baking operations up to ± 2% accuracy, to ensure the quality of the same roaster per pan, the same color. Therefore, the technical requirements of the operator is low, can reduce the recruitment requirements.

Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.Easy to install and move.

Your Best Cooperation - Start the Peanut Roasting Business

1. Our company--- LONGER Machinery specializes in food processing since 2010. Currently our machines are exported to more than 20 foreign countries, such as USA, Portugal, Dubai, Panama, Australia, Bahrain, Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Morocco, Egypt, Ecuador, Zambia, Philippines, Thailand etc.

  1. For different areas or different countries, we can provide customers CE, ISO, Certificate of Origin to help you clearance customs or reduce tax.
  2. We have professional engineers and after-sale service team, any questions about the machine will be solved within 12 hours.

If you want to start the small peanut roasting business and interested in the peanut roasting machine, welcome you contact us.

Contact Serena:

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Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212

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