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Things to Remember While Hiring a Van

Author: Sarah James
by Sarah James
Posted: Dec 11, 2018

When you want a van hire on the Gold Coast you need to consider a few practical aspects such as the use you have for it, what size and type of load you will carry and the distance you need to travel.

Usually, if you want a van during their slow time in the week or the off season you can arrange a much better deal, but these arrangements are best done in person at the hire company

Always remember to read the rental agreement so you understand your rights and obligations before you sign and make the deal.

Insurance is standard and built it all rental agreements, and many credit card companies offer you a comprehensive cover when you use your credit card for the rental so take a good look at what cover you are being offered.

Other important things to remember are to check around all the different Van hire Companies on the Gold Coast and find the company that is offering you the best deal.

Check for Hidden Costs

There can be a lot of hidden charges that can quickly add up for the unwary, so ask a few questions such as:

    • Are there charges for additional drivers?
    • Do they have a drop off and collect, service and what are the charges involved?
    • Have they included all the taxes and possible toll charges in their quote?
    • Do they charge for extras such as roof racks and child seats?
    • Does the quote include roadside assistance?
    • If the van breaks down or is involved in an accident what additions charges can apply for late returns?
    • Do they give full operating instructions as part of the quote?

When driving a van or truck for the first time it is important to remember that they are much wider and longer than the car you to. Extra care needs to be taken when following other vehicles as the Van and trucks take longer to stop especially when fully loaded.

    • Care also needs to be taken when cornering, especially in built up areas as the high body can lean and roll. Bends low bridges and underpasses can be dangerous so take special note of height and speed restrictions.
    • Always allow extra time to reach your destination, for the unloading, taking a rest and the return trip as vans are much slower moving than cars.
    • When parking or backing it is very helpful to have someone outside to direct you as visibility is often restricted and there are many blind spots.
    • Always check your mirrors and use the reversing camera if fitted to ensure the safety of children and other people’s property when operating and driving.
    • Do not run the van in neutral (coasting) or with the motor turned off, this may save a small amount of fuel, but the power steering and brakes will not work efficiently. But do not run the engine when not driving as this will waste fuel.

Hiring a van from any company on the Gold Coast can be an enjoyable experience if you take the time to get the right sized van for the job you have planned and shop around on the internet first to find the best deals that suit’s you.

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