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How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Lean Throughout the Year

Author: Armstrong Louis
by Armstrong Louis
Posted: Dec 13, 2018
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People today, all over the world, strive to stay healthy, by whatever means possible. There is an endeavour to workout daily and have healthy food on a regular basis. However, most people fail to remain consistent with their workout regime, many even quit after a certain period. As a result of this, they automatically gain back all the weight they lose during exercising, as soon as they stop working out.

This article aims at clearing the air, about the fact that it is not only exercise that helps you get lean and healthy. There are several other factors, along with strict discipline which brings about the major substantial changes in the body and health of a person. (Information Credit –

Start Your Day Early:

First and foremost an individual should try to wake up as early as possible, between 5 am and 6 am is the ideal time. It is understandable, that someone who generally wakes up at 10 am cannot suddenly shift their timing. Thus, the solution is to gradually change the time. On the first week they should pull back the time by an hour, and an hour more the next week. This way, gradually the body will get time to adjust to the change. Secondly, it’s vital to drink a whole glass of water, immediately after waking up. Water starts the functioning of the body organs in a healthy manner and helps to lose fat in the long run. For additional impact, the person can also add a gush of lemon or apple cider vinegar to their glass of water.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal:

People who decide to achieve a lean physique have a myth in mind, that skipping or having a very light breakfast would help them achieve their goal faster. This idea is as far from the truth as it can be. Breakfast is the meal which a person has, after a fast of approximately ten hours. When a person sleeps, all the food gets digested and the body heals, which makes the body crave for food when it wakes up. Thus, everybody should eat a hearty breakfast. An ideal morning meal should consist of healthy proteins, little bit of carbs and fibre. Fats should be avoided in the breakfast, as it would hinder the goal of getting lean. Thus, egg yolk is not advised.

Cardio Routine Does Help:

People who are into exercising in the morning can take advantage of a very effective technique, which speeds up the fat burning process. A twenty to thirty minute of cardio session, in the morning, before breakfast, can drastically impact the fat loss process. This cardio can include running, cycling or a combination of both. Fasted cardio basically starts burning the calories before any calorie enters the body, which means the fat loss is accelerated.

Eliminate Rice, Sugar and Bread:

White rice and bread are the worst form of carbohydrates that can be consumed, if a person is aiming to become lean. They are full of complex and unhealthy carbs, which makes the body, hold on to its fats. Sugar as everybody knows, gets released immediately into the bloodstream and creates a rush of dopamine, which is pleasing for an individual, because of which it is very hard to eliminate sugar from a diet, but to lose fat, it is absolutely compulsory. Even reducing the amount of salt consumed in a day, would help in the process, because salt has sodium in it, an excess of which leads to water retention and bloating.

Go Green:

Green leafy vegetables are by far the best form of food that any person can consume to lose fat. These veggies are stashed with fibres, which helps extensively in digestion and does not in any way add extra fat to the body.

The cleaner, the Leaner:

People aiming to lose fat and be lean, should focus on having clean foods, that is, foods, which does not include any extra spices or sauces. Best examples are grilled chicken breasts or fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. The lesser the oil and spices used to cook a meal, the cleaner and calorie-free would it be.

A Rigorous And Consistent Exercise Regime:

It is true that exercise alone cannot make a person lean, but it is a must-do when a fat loss plan is considered. A person planning to achieve a long-term, lean physique should aim at shorter workouts, consistently and not three-hour long workouts for three days a week. An ideal workout routine should be one hour of exercise including both weight-training and cardio, for five days a week, doing just cardio for one day and no exercise on the last day of the week, as rest too is an important factor which contributes lean muscle building.

Thus, the key to stay lean all year is to be consistent with the diet and exercise, so that the body can gradually lose fat and build lean muscles at the same time.
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