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Common Pain Types And Symptoms

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: May 14, 2014
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Without a true realization of the multi-interdimensional nature of pain and its many facets, causes and symptoms many patients do not realize they should visit the pain management clinic for treatment. Instead choosing to bear the brunt of the pain and sacrificing quality of life ultimately leads to a shorter lifespan. Recognize the type of pain that you are experiencing and consult with a pain specialist as soon as possible.

Basic types of pain

Pain can be broken down into two basic categories, acute or chronic. Acute pain is generally a sudden onset pain and is generally short in duration. Chronic pain is long lasting, resistant to general treatments such as over-the-counter medications and is often associated with the debilitating long-term illness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Usually referred to as a syndrome caused by constant typing most patients never has a known cause. The median nerve located in the wrist becomes inflamed and causes pain when consistent pressure is placed on it. Pain in the fingers, hand and radiating up the forearm are clear symptoms of this syndrome.

Abdominal pain

Severe abdominal pain accompanied by fever, an inability to keep food down, an inability to pass a stool, painful urination, the abdomen is painful to the touch, the pain last for several days or it is a result of an injury to the abdomen should because for immediate concern in treatment. Causes of abdominal pain are wide ranging from something as mild as stomach gas to serious appendicitis.

Hip Pain

As the largest joint in the body it can be one of the most often over-used which can cause joint pain and discomfort. Hip pain can be caused by arthritis, hip fractures, bursitis, tendinitis, muscle or tendon strain, cancer, and avascular necrosis.

Knee and Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of chronic joint and knee pain, caused by a number of factors including obesity, traumatic injury, heredity, joint overuse, and age. Pain develops from inactivity or overuse and general aching with movement.

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

Similar to other joint pain it is caused by trauma, abnormalities in the bone or joints, muscle strain, poor posture for the neck and dislocation, tendonitis, overuse, fractures, pinched nerves and frozen shoulder for shoulder pain.

Sciatica Pain

The sciatica is a major nerve bundle that extends from the lower spine down through the backs of each leg. The pain is described as radiating from the lower back down the backs of the legs and even all the way to the toes. It can often be very painful and debilitating.

Muscle Pain

Not like specific or regional pain, this type of pain is concerned with the aches and pain felt through out the entire musculoskeletal system at the same time. This is equivalent to feeling muscle soreness or pain through out all of your muscles.

Other specific pain can be associated with specific syndromes such as Piriformis or Central Pain Syndrome while others can be directly linked to viral infections such as shingles. Based in Denver, contact your local Denver pain management clinic to get a proper evaluation and live pain free today.

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