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A Step In The Right Direction To Support African Romance Movies

Author: Jenifer Whitmire
by Jenifer Whitmire
Posted: May 15, 2014

Many changes have occurred in the African film industry. Most of them have been a booster while others have been a letdown. One common feature is diversity which is seen in African romance movies. Unlike in the past when the fuss was entirely about the culture of the blacks, it is now evident that such has been overtaken by a society that is multicultural and diverse.

Africans told their stories in the past and these have been documented in oral literature texts. The texts are being changed into audio visual form. Through them we learn many things about the treatment of love in the past. Slight changes have been witnessed though, from the interaction with people from other continents. What has come out is an intriguing experience that is both creative and captivating.

It is a worthwhile venture to have a look at some of these works. They lift ones psyche and hold their imaginations to unimaginable limits. It is hard to watch them and remain untouched. The scripting in most cases is in form of a story that captivates and pleases your thoughts. They are events that appear like real life situations thus easy to identify with. Most of the characters are so talented that a sense of admiration is what they leave to the viewers.

Romantic movies by African actors are nice to view since they are good at what they do. After a taste of it you will surely dismiss the fallacious belief that Africans are not capable of being romantic. When it comes to loving and caring they are arguably the best. There are also instances when the conflict is about two people fighting out to win the love of one person.

It is however, quite evident that originality normally lacks at some point. They borrow immensely from literary works of the West like Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The environment created is in most cases an illusion and a product of unrealistic imaginations. Still, that is what makes them interesting to watch at times, since it is natural for one to follow to the end an event which is both entertaining and full of suspense.

Among the many transformations in the film industry, that which has really boosted this sector is the digital technique production now does not take as long as it used to before. The movies are stored in a cassette disk which is easier to navigate than the original film storage. The Compact disks can easily be copied and distributed. The African film industry can now enjoy more following. It is a common phenomenon to see one watching using a mobile handset.

As opposed to the past when most students shunned the arts and went for the sciences, the trend has changed. There are now more art students in a university than those of any other field. This has become a booster since more fresh and imaginative brains are streaming into the film industry. The creativity that they posses keeps the wheel turning.

For the lovers of romance, movies from Africa are a must watch. Try one today and you will not be disappointed. Apart from being highly sensuous, they are also educative. They always have a moral lesson that the viewer learns at the end. Such lessons can assist you in decision making about your own relationships.

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