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5 Tips To Teach English Alphabet To Kids In Kindergarten

Author: Sheetal Kadu
by Sheetal Kadu
Posted: Dec 14, 2018

Kids in kindergarten are familiar with the alphabets in English and should be able to recognize them. In kindergarten they will learn to write the alphabets and practice distinguishing between two alphabets. Using different methods of teaching makes learning fun and engaging. English worksheets for kindergarten, alphabet picture books and reading are a few methods you can use. Here are a few tips for teaching alphabet in a fun and effective way.

  1. Picture books and flashcards

Picture books containing pictures related to each alphabet are great way to help your child correlate with everyday objects. Most picture books are colourful, making them attractive for your child. Some picture books are also in the form of stories, making it more interesting for your child. Alphabet flashcards are also very useful in teaching alphabets. Flashcards usually contain one alphabet along with a picture related to that alphabet. You can also create your own flashcards in PowerPoint or other slide based computer program. This can be used to make customized flashcards using pictures that your child relates to, instead of flashcards which have pictures that your child is unfamiliar with.

  1. Practice using English worksheets for kindergarten

Worksheets are single page practice sheets, which are very useful when your child is starting out with formal schooling. It helps in introducing and learning a concept in a more systematic way.Writing and working with colors and pencil maybe a new experience for your child, so start with one or two worksheets at a time and increase it as your child gets used to writing. English worksheets for kindergarten can be used to make your child practice what he or she has learnt. Tracing worksheets for kindergarten are helpful in practicing writing the alphabet. You will find a variety of English worksheets for kindergarten including alphabet puzzles, coloring worksheets, matching and circling the correct alphabet and so on.

  1. Make it fun with songs and rhymes

Children love rhymes and singing, making it a more interactive way of learning about the alphabets. There are many alphabet songs and rhymes available online that can be used to teach the alphabets. Most of these have a fun tune that you can sing along with your child. Some songs and rhymes directly teach the alphabet along with the names of objects starting with the letter. While others use phonics form which teaches how to pronounce an alphabet. You can use both forms alternatively so that you have a variety of teaching methods.

  1. Correlate with objects in daily use

Not all pictures in the picture book may be of objects that come in daily use. So relating the alphabet to some things that come in everyday use is a great idea. For example, you can show your child a book or a bag and tell him or her alphabet it starts with. You can also start teaching your child the alphabets that come in his or her name, thus helping your child learn to spell his or her name.

  1. Go with the sequence being taught in school

Some schools teach the alphabet writing in the normal sequence starting with A, B, C and so on, while others start with alphabets with straight lines like A, L, M, and so on. Similarly some schools teach the pronunciation of the alphabet itself while others teach how it’s pronounced in a word. It’s best to teach the same sequence that is being taught in school so that your child doesn’t get confused.

Different children have different ways of learning. With the above tips you will definitely be able to come up with a system that works best for your child. Get a FREE subscription for 3 months today!

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