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How to do the Right Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner?

Author: John Lyons
by John Lyons
Posted: Dec 15, 2018

For the longevity of your air conditioner, you need to have a proper maintenance timetable which must be duly followed. A lot of air conditioners Perth that are not well-maintained start having issues before they stop working abruptly. Maintaining an air conditioner can be helpful as long as the important components are all well cleaned, and the necessary procedure is followed.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Cleaning of the Air Conditioner Filters

This is one of the most important procedures in maintaining an air conditioner. Once you ensure that the filters are cleaned routinely, the efficiency of the air conditioner is certain. This is because dirty filters prevent the airflow, but this isn’t the actual damage done by the dirt. All of the airflows cannot be prevented, and the air that manages to go through will take some particles of dirt along. The dirt particles carried by the airflow will then be deposited in the coil of the air conditioning unit. This affects the capacity of the evaporator coil by reducing its heat absorbing ability.

However, there are different types of filters, some can be reusable and some cannot. If your air conditioner comes with a reusable filter, you should clean it and put it back, if not you will have to replace the filter. You should clean the filter every month or bi-monthly, however you can take lesser intervals to clean it during hot seasons. During winter, when you might not need the air conditioner, you can remove and store it, and for outdoor units, you can cover them up.

Cleaning of the Air Conditioner Coils

For air conditioning Perth, the coils accumulate more dirt than any other part of the air conditioner. A clean filter can only reduce the dirt accumulation of the coil as there will always be dirt in the coil. Cleaning the evaporator coil can take longer time than cleaning the filters, but it is necessary to clean the filter regularly to avoid break down of the coil. You can clean the coil annually.

Cleaning the Drains

Clean the drain by passing a wire or a stick through it to remove dirt and clogs. A clogged drain can reduce the humidity of the AC unit.

Hire a Technician

If you are not sure of going through these procedures by yourself, you can hire an air conditioning service Perth. But it is necessary that you hire a well-trained technician who can help you in proper maintenance of the AC.

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