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Having Fun by Playing Table Tennis Outdoor

Author: Sehaz Kaur
by Sehaz Kaur
Posted: Dec 12, 2018
table tennis

Table tennis is a sport in which here 2 or 4 players hit a ball back and forth across the table by using small rackets. This table is hardly divided by a net. There are some rules and regulations which are followed in this game.

In table tennis table there are some standard heights and length is followed. The height of the table should be 76 cm and the length of the table is 274 cm and the width is 152.5 CM. And the net height is 15.25 CM.

Table tennis game can be played indoor as well as in outdoor if there is a sufficient place inside the home it is recommended to place as an indoor game or if there is no sufficiency of place to place the table tennis table so it is recommended to keep as an outdoor game. The main disadvantage in the outdoor game is if there is any weather problem it is a little bit tough to continue the game.

Difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis

Placing the outdoor table tennis table in the garden will have great fun since all the family will be involved and if this is placed in the garden it will provide hours and hours of entertainment.

The difference between the indoor and outdoor table tennis is nothing but a competitive level of both amateur and professional level, but this table tennis game is most definitely which is an indoor sport.

This mainly depends only due to weather since table tennis balls are very light so it is advisable to place the table tennis game as an indoor game. During the rainy season the ball will not bounce and will be very hard to play and if there is bad weather also the ball will flight away soon.

But nowadays there is more outdoor table tennis tables have been dotted everywhere since which creates more fun where these tables are placed in parks, schools, train stations, shopping areas, etc.

Mainly these are played for relaxation purpose only so it is advisable to place the table tennis table in the garden or as an outdoor table even where you will be having plenty of space to play.

Indoor and outdoor tables are very similar with length and height are all same the only differences is the material of the table tennis top for an indoor table which are solid wood and for outdoor tables it is a mixture of metal and wood. Since the outdoor table is a mixture of metal and wood in order to protect the table from some rain and wind.

Placing the table on an even surface is important it should not be placed on ups and down surfaces, the surface should be flat. Protecting the table is also very much important placing the table in the garden where it may soon destroy due to sun and rain so it is advisable to purchase the folding type of outdoor tables where this will last for many days.

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