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Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery - Scarless Procedure Leaves No Marks On The Body!

Author: Shibani Behura
by Shibani Behura
Posted: Dec 17, 2018
Obesity is engulfing the world at an alarming rate. With the wonder of obesity surgery, the threat can be curbed up to a large extent. Weight loss surgery is a surgical method, in which the digestive tract is surgically altered to attain significant weight loss. However, the traditional weight loss surgery has several major drawbacks. Besides, having large stitches across the belly is something no one fancies and happen to be an inevitable fact associated with it. Thankfully, laparoscopic obesity surgery can fix this enormous drawback. Let's understand how it made easy, the life of Miss Bhaduri.

Miss Smita Bhaduri has been battling daily struggle for several years now, all due to her extra weight. She tried the gym, a strict diet and even some vigorous abdominal belts that claimed to attain weight loss. But nothing did. As a matter of fact, she gained what little weight she lost, within 4-6 months, after she stopped this sententious physical activities regime. She considered a permanent method of the same and considered a weight loss surgery.

The thought of having a large surgical stitch across her belly scared her a lot and she immediately changed her mind for going for it at all. However, after some more research, she came to know about laparoscopic surgery, which does the same wonders but is carried out through tiny holes made near the abdominal cavity.

She booked her consultation right away and got to know about all the facts related to it in details. She came to realize that laparoscopic surgery is the best possible solution for her condition and decided to go for it. After a few tests and consultation sessions, her date of surgery was fixed and was carried out successfully. The results of the surgery amazed her. She was advised to stick with few guidelines associated with the surgery and enjoyed very good results in the form of effective weight loss.

Few minute incisions of size about 1/4th of an inch are made across the belly. Then the abdomen is pumped with carbon dioxide gas to create some working space for the operation. Through these, several instruments, cold light source, and a camera are inserted. The inside of the abdomen is projected on the camera. The skilled bariatric surgeons then carry out the procedure, depending upon the exact surgery type. When it is completed, the gas is extracted back and the incisions are stitched closed. For obvious reasons, the procedure involves much lesser risks of infection, bleeding, and ensures faster recovery.

Most patients are considering the laparoscopic obesity surgery these days to resolve all the drawbacks that are otherwise, ideally attached with the open surgery. These complications, often include the possibility of blood loss, scaring, pain and discomfort and many more. Laparoscopic surgery does a pretty well job, fixing almost all of them, in one go. In fact, most obesity surgery doctors prefer it, these days, as well. It is substituting the open surgery from today's medical world, often open surgery is referred to few patients specifically when there is a chance of any complications or other particular reason, as felt by the doctor.

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