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Meet the ophthalmologist To Get Dry Eye Treatment

Author: Dr Jeff
by Dr Jeff
Posted: Jan 26, 2019
dry eye

Eyes may be affected by any age group of people. Dry Eye Treatment is given in the specialized eye clinics.

Dry eyes as the name say the eyes become dry. The tears in the eye are unable to provide the necessary lubrication to the eyes. If there is fewer tears or poor quality of tears, this condition arises. The person having this may feel a burning or a stinging sensation making him feel very uncomfortable. This dryness may not be recognized for a long period and suddenly when the person is traveling in an airplane, staying a long time in an air-conditioned room, riding a bike or staring the computer for long hours may start feeling the discomfort. There would be an unstable tear film and unstable ocular surface in the eye. This disease may be in any gender or any age group people. Actually, there is no permanent Dry Eye Treatment. We have to take care of the eyes through medical assistance.

Dry Eye Is Caused By Different ReasonsThe dry eye is caused due to the usage of digital devices for long hours, makeup, contact lens, air conditioning, and age, inflammation in the eyelid or continuous usage of some drugs. There are mainly two types of dry eyes:

Less Tear Production: Here there is very less tear production. The main reasons for this condition are:

  1. Some medical conditions like diabetes, lupus Scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, vitamin A deficiency or thyroid disorders.
  2. Certain drugs like decongestants, hormone replacement therapy, antihistamines, antidepressants, acne birth control and Parkinson’s may also trigger this disease.
  3. Radiation and inflammation damages the tear glands
  4. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction blocks the oil glands in upper and lower eyelids. If the glands are blocked for a long period the gland weakens and dies. Thus this disease is not permanently curable.
  5. Laser eye surgery is just a small procedure which is also a temporary solution.
  6. Aging is a factor which may damage the tear glands.
  7. If the lacrimal gland is not producing the necessary aqueous component.

The eyes may become dry due to the wind, smoke, and dry air, continuously staring while working, reading and driving.

Imbalanced tear composition: There are three layers in the tear film. Oil, water, and mucus are the layers. If there is any small problem in any one of the layers, it causes dry eyes. This may block the oil-producing glands at the edge of the eyelids. The blocked glands may be caused due to skin disorders or inflammation in the edge of the eyelids.

Symptoms of Dry EyeThe patients having dry eyes will not feel the symptoms. Many of them cannot feel the difference as they do not have much knowledge about dry eyes. The main symptoms of dry eye disease are the pain, stinging, feeling of a foreign body in the eye, burning, watering, eyes red, tired eyes, sensitive to light and fluctuation in the vision in between blinks.

If there are any of the above symptoms arise then it is recommended to meet an eye specialist for dry eye treatment. If this disease is in the earlier stage, the problem can be reduced by changing the lifestyle to increase the life of the eyes.

There are many ways to prevent dry eyes like:

  1. Adding more humidity to the indoor air
  2. Avoid blowing any air into the eyes directly
  3. Resting eyes at regular intervals
  4. Wearing sunglasses to protect eyes from wind and sun
  5. At a dry environment, eyes have to be kept closed for regular intervals to avoid tear evaporation.
  6. Smoking cigars or staying in smoke for long hours can be avoided
  7. Place the computer below the level of the eye8. Using artificial tears reduces the dryness.

Treatment for Dry EyesTaking professional advice is always recommended. There are many other ways, the eyes are treated by eye specialists. For moderate cases, the ophthalmologist may prescribe drops, gels or ointment. The lubricants are available in the pharmacy without a prescription. They are also called artificial tears but that do not have vitamins, antibodies, and nutrients present in the tears.

It is better to use many types of eye drops and gels to zero on the best suited. The eye drops have preservatives which prevent any harmful bacteria. If any of the dry eye symptoms are there then it would be advisable to use the drops as per instructions of the doctor. Dry Eye Treatment is given in every eye clinic.

If any symptoms are there then go for Dry Eye Treatment. A Plus Optometry has experienced eye specialists treating this disease.

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