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How to trimming a tree around firepower?

Author: Abbie John
by Abbie John
Posted: Dec 22, 2018
intensity fire

To treat the plants around your house, it is during a disaster to break the firepower (fire underwent) or to avoid that a fire starting in your property takes too quickly of the amplitude (induced fire).

Treating trees and all other plants is a priority because they are the entire vector and the essential food of fire. Clearing, pruning and cutting some trees reduces the combustible plant mass around your home and breaks up vertical and horizontal continuity in the vegetation, allowing the fire to spread.

"To decrease the intensity of the fire and limit its spread!"

If the property is following the regulations, the preserved plants will in most cases be spared by the fire. The continuity between the strata of grasses, shrubs, and trees is indeed responsible for the spread of fires. Besides, herbs and shrubs in water stress are highly flammable. In no case does this mean the removal of any vegetation from your property. It's even an opportunity to think about a different and protective garden.

Why brush?

Your property in the forest is a sensitive point, it can:

    • to have a fire declared several kilometers from your home;
    • communicate the fire by promoting its extension to other inhabited areas or not;
    • Be the cause of a fire, related to your leisure activities or family.

The set of recommended actions allows:

    • to reduce the intensity of the fire near the houses,
    • to prevent the light from affecting buildings,
    • to make homes less sensitive to fire,
    • to thwart, limit, reduce or even stop the advance of the fire and its impact
    • to protect you in the absence of help or before their arrival,
    • offer the firefighter's optimal security conditions in their interventions and their defensive maneuvers,
    • to facilitate control operations on the forest fire front.

      Brushing, the 7 essential treatments

        On a correctly cleared ground, the fire passes without much damage and the intervention of the firemen can be then concentrated on other strategic sectors for the ongoing fight against the light.

        • To
        remove all the trees and branches within 3 meters of the walls of the facades of the houses are to put your home away from the vegetation. Hedges should undergo the same treatment.

        • Eliminate dead or dying trees. Too densely populated with trees that are too close to each other is often synonymous with high mortality and poor health status.
        • Prune the trees. Remove all low branches (often dead) within 3 meters of the ground (2 meters in some departments).
        • Leaving at least 3 meters between each tree crown in the 50-meter zone is to limit the dangers of a mighty crown fire that is always very destructive (2 meters in some departments).
        • Removing all shrubs under the trees to be kept is strongly advised. In general, trees and shrubs should not occupy more than one-third of the area to be brushed.
        • Remove dry litter (especially in pine forests) within 10 m of the house.
        • Remove the highly flammable decorative plants that run on the facades or embankments near the house. You must be particularly careful about plants placed near openings or exposed structural members.
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