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Hard Drive Destruction: What Are Your Options And What's The Best Course To Take

Author: Tyrone47Mk Tyrone47Mk
by Tyrone47Mk Tyrone47Mk
Posted: Dec 23, 2018

Nowadays, the world is getting much more familiar with technology. Even people with basic or intermediate knowledge can easily hack into a computer and get your sensitive information. However, you don’t have to live in fear and deal with the risk of your information getting stolen. Hard drive destruction is one of the ways you can have all of that information cleared and keep your information private. To help you choose what your best method for hard drive destruction is, here’s what you need to know.

Erase the Hard Drive

A common method to do hard drive destruction is basically to erase the hard drive. This is commonly done by companies that lease their equipment because it gets rid of everything without causing any damage to the equipment. However, you have to be aware that this method can take some time. Additionally, you will have to know exactly what to do in order for it to work. This is why erasing the hard drive is done by companies that offer hard drive destruction services such as PCS Massachusetts.

The good thing about doing this method is that the hard drive can be used again or sold. However, the cons are if it isn’t done well enough, there could be recoverable data in the hard drive. We recommend that you use a service rather than reformatting it, since there could still be data lingering and it makes it more difficult to locate.

Damage It

Yes, you can actually damage the hard drive itself, however that doesn’t mean every method is going to work. A lot of people opt to just puncture it to create a hole because it is a lot easier than shredding it, but it leaves some room for error. However, this is fairly quick to do and it can be cheaper if it isn’t shredding the hard drive. Keep in mind that even if the hard drive can’t be used anymore, a pro could attempt to take out some data from the remains.

Destroy It

Damaging a hard drive is just damaging parts of it, whereas destroying it means you are shredding the entire thing. One of the biggest benefits of choosing this method is that it means that you are completely eradicating any information that is on the hard drive and it can’t be salvaged. This is the most secure method to ensure that the hard drive is completely disposed. However, you should be cautious and make sure you are getting a reliable company to perform hard drive destruction services to ensure that they will really destroy it and won’t take your information when you aren’t looking.

As we just mentioned, all of these methods can work well, however it is always best to choose a real professional to have these services done. Many of these methods can allow people to steal data from them if the methods weren’t properly executed. So to keep your information private, we highly suggest that you turn to a professional for your hard drive destruction needs.

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