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Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
session shall

Literature Review

For over a past decade there has been limited career in Salesforce. However, the current trends reveal the high possibility of someone just starting or desiring to make a move into the Salesforce careers can easily advance to a hot career in the market. The most determining factor for one to get jobs as a Salesforce specialist depends on what a particular individual has specialized in, or he or she is good at and also what he or she would like to do. There are various types of jobs one can perform in the Salesforce ecosystem and job market. One requires understanding few concepts about what is offered out there. One of the most effective areas where Salesforce careers are offered includes two large organizations which deal with any of the fields such as information technology (IT) and or the business operations. Experts in the field of Salesforce require discovering what types of jobs are and key responsibilities attached to a particular job as to perform the job perfectly. Also, interested individuals have to understand all recommend Salesforce training as well as certifications one is required to acquire if one is interested in a specific Salesforce related job. The aspiring Salesforce experts require having close understanding, relationships, or attachments with the companies who are involved with hiring Salesforce experts. Researchers must also have knowledge based on what the Salesforce job demands, achievements and progress attained for over the last several years including payments (Jaramillo, & Mulki, 2008). The interested intellectuals must be eager to review all informative charts about the Salesforce jobs wages and salaries trends as well as rewards associated with Salesforce jobs.

Sales Force careers require initial information in IT experience and skills obtained through working in, with or as key roles player in IT. Depending on the type of a company, the Salesforce roles as outlined in professional standards may vary and at times fall. Most business based companies may have fewer Salesforce job opportunities compared to IT (Mallin, Jones, & Cordell, 2010). The most common and recommended requirement as a Salesforce expert is attaining necessary and acceptable certifications if you want to seek any career in Salesforce. However, depending on some company standards, they may not require a certification. But as expert certifications certainly help and put one ahead of others who have no certifications.

Recent trends in business reveal that Salesforce Systems developer is almost the most career opportunity in demand especially for any organization which uses Salesforce. The Salesforce Developer role requires one to manage designing and development of a company’s Salesforce instance (Flaherty, Arnold, & Hunt, 2007). The personnel in this role should have well advance interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with changes, as well as the Salesforce technical skills to implement various changes in the system. Some key responsibilities of the Salesforce expert include.

  1. Logical data and information processing
  2. Work with business transactions to implement Salesforce changes into system
  3. Implementing basics of Sales Cloud as well as Service Cloud applications
  4. Building reports, dashboards, as well as workflow
  5. Ensuring systems security and ease of access
  6. Designing and developing standard and custom objects in Salesforce
  7. Designing user administration privileges
  8. Developing addition of pick list for Salesforce values
  9. Modification display units and presentation of page layouts
  10. Designing business based Email templates
  11. Organizing various Salesforce Chatter
  12. Developing various Workflow automation
  13. Ensuring proper measure are implemented in data management
  14. Ensure well organization of Salesforce content, file and folder Management

Companies hiring SalesForce experts in the market include System Integration and Partners which is a company dealing with systems integrator (SI) software for developing for individuals or businesses computing systems. The roles for Salesforce developer in the company are combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. The major requirement is having knowledge on how to use a systems integrator. The major role is to select cheaper and compatible hardware and software and pre-configure those components and other off-the-shelf software to meet key business goals and client demands. Most of the applications development are not expensive they require customization and implementations that have minimal programming and eliminates the need for manufacturing unique components. Some of the examples of these companies offering such opportunities include Accenture, Deloitte, Appirio, Cloud Sherpas, and PWC (Hector, 2015).


Iteration 1: Introduction to Salesforce Career Opportunities

The session shall research on the major career opportunities available in for Salesforce developer. The session shall analyze all the job responsibilities associated with Salesforce development. Some career training involved shall include onsite video conferencing with experts to understand Salesforce development requirements through practicing performing additional tasks related to coding and object oriented programming in Salesforce. Introduction shall cover the native language within Salesforce and basics of Salesforce language and how to apply it as a developer.

Iteration 2: Introduction to Salesforce developer requirements

The session shall cover all requirements involved in Salesforce development skills and programming techniques required in building out custom codes. The session shall cover knowledge required on how to integrate Salesforce with other applications or tools plus advance knowledge based on broad information on custom application development. The session shall involve training on basics facilitating performing extreme customization of CRM applications. Finally, session shall incorporate understanding of the development methods, and methodologies desirable for Salesforce.

Iteration 3: Training on Salesforce Development Process

The session shall cover various development skills such as understanding the right mix of declarative and coding capabilities. The training session shall involve creating completely custom apps based on salesforce technology for company and the clients. The session shall facilitate creation of custom applications using various techniques such as point and click capabilities found on the software development platform.

Iteration 4: Preparation for job interviews, and implementing Salesforce tasks

Finally participants shall be prepared on how to look for job opportunities. The session shall involve searching for job ventures. Training shall involve designing and modeling personal profiles, resumes, cover letters and other verification documents. The session shall cover user, business logic skills, security measures as well as communication skills.


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