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IMEI Number: How To Change IMEI Number

Author: Rajesh Goyal
by Rajesh Goyal
Posted: Dec 25, 2018
imei number

Most of the people have heard about the term IMEI number, or you also have seen it on the original packaging of your phone. Some of us have heard the term but still, they are confused that what this IMEI exactly means. It can be really beneficial if unfortunately, you lost your phone or someone has stolen it. So, it is advice that always does note it for some good reasons.

Every Smartphone comes up with a unique IMEI number. It can be helpful to identify the model, make, and a serial number of any device. If you owned a Smartphone then it is important that you should know about this unique number.

Nowadays Smartphone’sbecame valuable for every person because it allows you to get everything in one-click. So, it is important to protect your Smartphone from thieves and other evil people that can misuse it.

Your protection is in your own hand and you can not underestimate the IMEI number. Here you will get complete information about the IMEI number.

What Information Does Hidden In The IMEI Number?

The IMEI is approximately 15 digit number is not just a number that you can use for different purposes. But it holds the information that includes origin, the serial number of the device, and model.

If we talk about the model and origin then initial 8 digits comprise it. These starting digits are also known as the Type Allocation Code (TAC). In the end, there is Luhn check digit that is manufacturer defined.

How You Can Change It?

Always keep in mind that all around the world in different jurisdictions to change the IMEI number is illegal. All the devices that have changed IMEI numbers are mostly stolen and used for illegal purposes.

But if you want to change it to know phone technology more then you can use it IMEI changer Apk/ xposed IMEI changer pro for this purpose. There are some steps that you have to follow:

  • The first step that you have to root your phone. If you don’t know that how to root then you can check on the internet to take help.
  • After that, you can download IMEI changerApk/ xposed IMEI changer pro app to continue.
  • After this, you can choose any random number to change IMEI number to continue.
What Are The Benefits Of The IMEI Number?
  • It can help to catch the thieves or criminals
  • This IMEI number can very helpful to trace the thieves or criminals according to the location of the phone.
  • Police first trace the location of the mobile phone by the SIM card network of a lost phone.
  • Now they inform the nearby police to catch the person using the phone of that particular unique number.

Why Do We Need To Change IMEI Number?

There are many reasons that can lead a person toward changing the IMEI number.

Generally, you can say that IMEI number of any device cannot be changed because every device has one IMEI only. It is its unique identification and it is only one for a device. If someone wants to change it then there are a variety of reasons and that include:

  • If someone wants to do illegal stuff with the phone then they will try to change the number. There are some people who can use IMEI changer Apk to change the IMEI for an illegal purpose.
  • If someone is learning more about cell phone technology then they will try it.

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