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Have a Broken or Chipped Tooth? Here Are the Ways to Overcome Them

Author: Amit Kalra
by Amit Kalra
Posted: Dec 31, 2018
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Does biting or crunching a piece of hard food particle leave something in your mouth that doesn’t melt away? Before you can feel or realise anything, you discover, to your utter shock, that it is nothing but a piece of broken tooth!

Though the enamel or the outer covering of the teeth is the most mineral saturated part of the body, meaning it is the hardest tissue of the body, enamel also has some limits in its strength. Enamel can break off due to a variety of reasons, from receiving a hard blow to the jaw area, falling on the chin or biting something very hard. If a tooth has some sort of decay, then it is even more susceptible to chipping or breakage. In case you have a broken or chipped tooth, there is no need to panic since an experienced dentist Newcastle has would be able to fix it up.

Treatment options for broken or chipped tooth:

What treatment option would suit you heavily depends on the severity of the damage. If only a small part of the enamel has been chipped off, then it can be treated in a single visit to your dentist’s office. But in case it is badly damaged, then the treatment procedure would be lengthened. Generally, the options available for treating broken tooth are given below:

Dental bonding or filling-

If there is a little chipping away of the dental enamel, then the dentist Newcastle would be able to treat the damaged area through dental filling. But if you have injured any tooth on the front part of the jaw which is visible when you speak or smile, then your dentist would opt for a process termed as bonding where a composite resin is used to fill in the area.

Bonding is a straight and simple process which doesn’t require anesthetizing the tooth area. In order to bond the tooth, the dentist etches out the surface with the aid of any liquid to make it appear rough and unsmooth. It helps in bonding the liquid gel and adhering it to the tooth surface. Then the adhesive is applied on the tooth and then, a resin that matches the colour of the tooth. After that, ultraviolet light is used for hardening the material so that it sits on the tooth surface permanently.

Dental crown or caps-

When the tooth has a lot of decay or if a considerably large part of the tooth is broken off, then the dentist Newcastle might have to file or grind away the remaining part of the tooth. Then it is covered with a crown or a cap shaped like a tooth in order to protect it while improving the appearance. There are several types of crowns and each of them come with its own set of benefits. Generally, the permanent crowns are made of metal, ceramic and porcelain mixed with metal. If you go to a reputed and experienced dentist, then your resin or porcelain crown could be made to look like the natural tooth.

As you have seen, having a broken tooth is not any problem today. With the help of the advancements in clinical science, it is possible for an experienced dentist Newcastle to restore your beautiful smile once again.

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Dr. Amit Kalra is the founder of Dentist for Chickens, has been working in the profession for the last 15 years.

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