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What is Domain Name and Type of Domain Name?

Author: Gaurav Rajput
by Gaurav Rajput
Posted: Jan 01, 2019
domain name

This question is the most common for the blogger community because we all know that everything on the Internet is related to a domain name. Internet, the domain name system (DNS) is heard without the world.The domain is this, which has made this delusional of the Internet an informative, entertaining and resourceful. When we do some searches on the internet and try to open a website, we also feel that we have a website as well.Maybe you're a blogger and you have your website and maybe not even but do you think that the domain name you have used is correct? Is there a domain name to create a website? Here you will find answers to all your questions here with an example proof.

What is Domain Name?

The domain name, also known as DNS, provides a unique address or identity to any website on the Internet, which is in the form of an Internet protocol.The IP is a numeric address which is not memorable for any person. Therefore, the Domain name IP is converted to the memorable domain name with the help of the Address Resolution Protocol.With the help of a domain name, we can access a website very easily, such as if you search on the Internet which is a domain name. So my own website will open, which is a unique address on the Internet.

Types of Domain Name

The Domain Name System has their features and is divided into many types based on identification, so we can easily identify what kind of website it is.

  • TLD - Top Level Domains: This is the topmost structure of DNS which has been reported in different parts of the various tasks. GTLD - generic Top Level Domain
  • This is the most popular TLD system and it mainly consists of domain names (commercial domain),.org,.Net and can register them anywhere, from anywhere in the world.
  • ccTLD - country code Top Level Domains: The gTLD contains at least 3 letters and the ccTLD is 2 letter domain and it is for geographically. Such,.US,.UK

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Is there a Domain Name and URL?

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is part of the Domain name and it also gives us important information about the pages of the website along with its domain. We can learn from the URL of any website, what's in the user page?

How to Register Domain Name in India

To register a domain name, there are many websites that are domain name providers, which cheaply, like. Some of them are main.

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • NameCheap
  • iPage
  • Hostinger
  • Dreamhost

From here we can register our own domain and get information about Go daddy & big rock Domain Registration by clicking here.

These things go before buying a Domain Name:

  • Before buying a domain you decide whether you are buying a domain for a website in some way. So that you can choose the correct name - such as Tech, SEO, Blog, Review etc.
  • The name of the domain should always be small so that the logo is quickly remembered and easy to type in.
  • The name of your domain should be kept completely separate from the domain name on any other Internet so that users do not have confusion.
  • Do not use any digit, special character in the domain.
  • Try to get you gTLD domain so you can publish it anywhere in the world.
  • Keep the name of the domain so that people can see that the website is on a subject. Also, you may visit Best
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