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Relocation mistakes: mistakes people make when moving house

Author: Local Removals Perth
by Local Removals Perth
Posted: Jan 05, 2019

None can deny the fact that there’s a lot to remember when it comes to moving house - belongings to pack, removalist to hire, contracts to sign and other related paper work. One has to keep a record of everything and it’s obvious to overlook a few parts on the moving day.

But what if the things you overlooked were amongst those of highest priority on your to-do list? Well, it can create much hassle and problems.

Besides, no matter how easy moving might seem, the truth is- it can be complicated, stressful and without the help of an expert, frustrating at times as well. However, if you avoid making these common mistakes, you can make your moving process seamlessly effective.


Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the importance of labelling their packing boxes. This might sound like an obvious mistake, especially when you are rushing but the importance needs to be felt earlier. This is because unboxing your unlabelled packed boxes will become a time-consuming task and create more stress.

Labelling boxes is amongst the important things that need to be done initially in order to make the whole process a little more convenient. That is why it is advised to label your boxes from marker pen with additional information, which will assist you in understanding what’s inside under which box.


Not using the right packing material can lead to a number of issues, and the top amongst the list is product damage. There are times when products are packed in boxes that are not capable enough to hold their weight and as a result, get broken. Also, if you are planning your move in a bad weather condition and your boxes/bags are not sealed properly, chances are they will get damaged easily during the transit.

Some services provide best results only when done by the professionals. To make sure, the next item in your list doesn’t get damaged, it would be a good idea to call professionals for packing advice and assistance.


It is logical for people to plan their move on a Friday as they will have a long weekend to sort their house, without taking further off from their work. But the problem arises when you get to know everybody thinks the same and wants to book removalists for Fridays. This makes Fridays the busiest day for removal companies and an unfavourable day for you to move.

Though it is better to avoid moving on a Friday, in case you can’t, plan your move early with the available removalist and at best prices to avoid any confusion and issues. Apart from this, make sure you have got your backup plan ready, in case anything goes wrong.

For those considering professional help, get in touch with the best removalist in Thornlie, who possess a decade of experience and promises to provide you most skilled professionals who are geared with all specialised tools and safety equipment in the market.

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