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Prolonged Smoking Can Cause Oral Cancer In The Future

Author: Shibani Behura
by Shibani Behura
Posted: Jan 05, 2019
oral cancer Oral cancer is a medical condition when malignant cells start to grow inside the mouth. It is a leading cause of death all over the world. Many develop it as an occupational hazard, working in some unhostile working condition. However, the leading cause for the same remains prolonged smoking.

Smoking does not limit to the consumption of cigarette but also includes any tobacco products that are used by igniting it. Prolonged smoking has been found directly associated with causing cancer along with severe respiratory illnesses, in a long run. In severe cases, it can also lead to the surgical removal of the tongue. Smoking in any form is dangerous, but active smoking is the worst. In fact, each cigarette packets itself is printed with a warning ‘smoking is injurious to health’ in order to spread awareness among people against it, but sadly it does not work as such.

Mr. Girish Biswas has been a chain smoker since he was a college student. At first, he started it just to try it out, then it became a way to cope up with the everyday stress and ultimately it became an addiction. Mr. Girish Biswas thus have a history of smoking for about 15 years.

He suffered from chronic coughing from time to time but ruled them out assuming it was due to the naive reasons such as season change or flu. It was not until he found himself unable to taste most of his daily foods. A panicked Mr. Biswas consulted a doctor and while discussing his medical history till then, he disclosed of him being a chain smoker for a decade and a half. The doctor immediately referred him to undergo several tests and suspected it might be due to oral cancer.

During these screenings, the pathologist found a small lump of mass in one side of the tongue. Through biopsy, Mr. Biswas was confirmed to have stage 1 of oral cancer. Grieve stricken Mr. Biswas received extensive treatment for it and swore he will quit smoking. However it as too late to reverse the damage at this stage. He had to suffer for about a couple of years, but thankfully, after the period, his doctors confirmed that he battled it completely. However, he will have to watch out his health from time to time, and of course, smoking was off the table, ever.

There are several patients who have similar stories, but sadly, not everyone version end so great. Smoking is a bad habit that does not good and only harms our health. Quitting smoking a good idea for everyone, irrespective of whether or not it started to show any ill effects yet. Oral cancer specialist recommends every smoker to quit smoking to minimize the chances of damage and to seek timely consultation to rule out the possibility of the worst. Moreover, it is highly recommended to seek medical consultation in case they encounter any problem that is related to their mouth and oral cavity. Timely detection can help manage the severe crisis.

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