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How to create an interesting assignment topic

Author: Amalia Olive
by Amalia Olive
Posted: Jan 07, 2019

To Seek Inspiration

First make sure that your research or assignment idea must be unique, interesting and relevant. Read several times your topic as much as you can then start researching like look articles, journals, textbooks watch documentaries and talk peoples who are related to this field. After this then start making lists of ideas which have possibilities for more research. The main question is how do you know that what are you looking for? When you can’t stop thinking about an idea, what do you do then? Contact with your advisor and professor talk about the idea and start reading again and again till you get inspiration.

Include fascinating details

This is another factor that can make you assignment boring and dull because some topics and subjects are already boring so you can make a boring topic more interesting by your writing techniques and styles. Try to use some fascinating information related to your topic. To turn your boring topic into interesting, try to discuss the topic by real world as this is easier for the reader to relate to. The reader always wants to read some interesting thing that can make his mind fresh, always try to use some informative or fascinating details its make your topic really interesting.

Avoid idioms & repetitive phrasing

The most important thing in assignment is vocabulary, don’t ever use so many idioms, phrases, and jargon phrases. It makes the reader confused and he try to avoid reading due to difficult and vogue meaning words and also avoid the repetitive phrasing, by using same structures again and again can make your assignment boring always try to use a range of syntax that demonstrates your writing capabilities and makes your assignment more interesting. The reader can easily get easy and simple sentence mix and complex sentences become your assignment tough and difficult.

Make it Personal

To make assignment interesting and fascinating you should make it personal, it means that you conduct strong research and you have a lot of information according to your topic and this all happens when you are so passionate in researching. When you have a robust knowledge of topic it creates a lot of opinions into your mind related to your topic, always value your opinions in your writing because no one has the same thinking as you. If you use your idea and words in your assignment it will attract the reader towards your work because he finds something new in your work and this type of work is always appreciable.

Using Synonyms isn’t always a good thing

We think that complicated words make our assignment more academic but we are wrong, using high-brow language can give the wrong effect and it irritates the reader and makes you sound pompous affectedly with the result that the assignment is more difficult to read and the reader may quickly lose interest on your assignment.

Use Figurative Language

As we known, it is quite easy to end up pointless when you are explaining difficult concepts particularly when you also don’t understand it by yourself. When you clearly talking about facts and figures it makes your work more conceptual and understandable. Using similarities with the natural world can often make concepts easier for the reader to understand.

Consider your audience

The audience is very important in any work because of the audience we recognize the worth of our work and in the writing field, we are only working for the reader and only think about the reader interest. If we cannot consider the audience we will not find the results so, make your topic according to your audience demand that they will easily understand, admire and respect. It doesn’t matter what you are writing for the teacher, an advisor, class fellow, and a thesis committed all you can do is to engage your audience in your work. When you use common language that audience can easily understand your audience will definitely appreciate your work.


In the end, you have to proofread your work if your work littered with errors it will distract the audience from the actual concept and it will definitely annoy them so, before submitting your work proofread it carefully and make sure that the grammar, sentence structures, and the spelling mistakes. Do not use any tool because the tool doesn’t pick up all the errors.

About the Author

Amalia Olive is an academic article writer since three years and she is currently working as a volunteer in school. She gives assignment help to needy students in vacations.

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