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Why You Need Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning for Your Restaurant?

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Jan 10, 2019

Grease trap is one of the most important features of a commercial kitchen, and it is quite important to keep it well maintained. Cleaning a grease trap in a commercial kitchen is no easy task, as there are several equipments seldom found in homes in these kitchens. Depending on the type and volume of food cooked in a restaurant, grease traps need servicing every two to three months.

Sewer systems often experience blockages when grease flows into it unexpectedly. Grease solidifies when it flows into the drain and clogs the pipes. Grease trap prevents oil, fat, and grease from flowing into the drain and sewer systems. This is exactly the reason why grease traps need regular maintenance and cleaning. Most of the restaurant owners seek the assistance of commercial grease trap cleaning services for best results.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Professionals


Cleaning grease traps in a commercial kitchen is quite an important task that requires professional skill and knowledge. Most of the grease trap cleaning service providers is familiar with the equipments in a commercial kitchen. Improper cleaning can clog up the drain and cause more problems in the kitchen, which you can avoid when you hire professionals.

Grease disposal

Grease trap cleaning includes scrapping the grease from the walls of the trap. It is essential to dispose of this grease properly, which requires an official permit. Professional grease trap cleaning contractors have the necessary certifications to dispose of the waste in accordance with the law. Hiring professionals can save you unnecessary tensions related to safe disposal of grease.

Checks potential problems

Apart from cleaning and maintaining grease traps, these professionals also check for possible problems and warning signs. These experts have the required proficiency to identify issues that can lead to break down or failures of grease trap and rectify it so that it functions efficiently until the next visit.

Maintaining records

Another advantage of hiring professional grease trap cleaning service is that they document each visit and maintain records. Commercial restaurants need to maintain these records as authorities who ensure that the grease traps are functioning properly often inspect it. Without proper documents, commercial restaurants often need to pay fines or shut down temporarily until the issue resolves.

Emergency service providers

Grease traps blockages and sewage backup can occur when you least expect it to happen. This can cause irrevocable damage to your reputation and the premises of the restaurant. By hiring a commercial grease trap cleaning service provider, it is easy to obtain services in case of emergencies.

DIY cleaning, proper disposal of grease and filing the paperwork requires time and effort. Moreover, cleaning grease traps on your own is not a pleasant task as these traps are messy, unhygienic, and have a bad odor. It is worth paying professionals to complete the task and maintain the traps so that it functions smoothly.

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