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Pikamoji- The World’s First Augmented Reality App To Escape Reality

Author: Brijesh Kumar
by Brijesh Kumar
Posted: Jan 12, 2019

What genre of the mobile application is better suited to Augmented Reality than Pikamoji? AR-based application, Pikamoji, enhances real-life environment with the virtual objects in a real-time so that the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. This AR Emoji application gives users a lot more room to fine-tune the digital characters in the real world to make the users feel like they are interacting with the animated characters and they do actually exist. To get a better sense of understanding about the app, read this post.

First of all, the users need to download the Pikamoji app from the Play store to get their hand on the world’s first Augmented Reality emoji app. Once the application is downloaded, get ready for all fun and entertainment that will be coming your way. So, let's get started with the fun and entertainment part of this fun-filled app.

Words Can’t Express What Pikamoji Can

In the world of apps, where we usually express our mood with animated emoticons; make it more evocative with Pikamoji app, which has more than 20 characters available to share with your friends with the medium of social media platforms. Simply place the chosen animated character and your viewpoint then acts as a targeting reticule. This will enhance our real-world environment through computer-aided sensing which will turn the augmented world into a real-world for the user.

The World of Emojis

Before knowing more about the Pikamoji app, let’s have a sneak peek into the world’s best Augmented Reality cool and funny animated characters that an app offers:

Zombies All The Way

The popular TV show "The Walking Dead", graphic novels, and of course, a movie like "The Evil Dead" has made Zombies quite popular among us. This, sometimes, leaves us wondering how to deal with the zombie apocalypse if we, someday, stuck with them in a real life. Well, this app won’t give solutions to the particular thoughts; however, it will give us some candid moments while walking around. The concept of using this app is quite easy, all the users have to hold the phone up and select the zombies’ feature to play around the zombie world. Play with the undead to get unlimited fun from the augmented reality.

Talk Like Frustrated Trump

We all may have heard Trump making his presidential speech, but how about creating a fun video by adding frustrated Trump character to the real world. The user can make a funny video while driving to work, stuck in the middle of the traffic, or during the boring meetings for adding a fun element to the boring life. Send it to your friends or share it on your favorite social media platforms, just don’t forget to make it a rib-tickling video that can get you thousands of likes on your post.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, express it with Pikamoji AR Emoji that shows a range of emotions. This creates a new method of expression when you're chatting. This post may have not revealed all features of the Pikamoji app, but if you are interested in the futuristic ar app, install the Pikamoji app now to know about all the features that it offers. Hope this post is helpful! Stay tuned for our upcoming posts and, last but certainly not the least, don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts with us.

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Unfold many more features of the app by downloading it from the App Store and the Play Store.

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