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What is the main difference between terrestrial, cable and satellite television advertisement?

Author: Pushpa Srivastava
by Pushpa Srivastava
Posted: Jan 13, 2019
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Almost all businesses prefer the TV advertisement for the promotional activities but most of the TV commercial production companies always remain in a confused state of mind about where to advertise their product or service. Even when they decide to choose the television media for advertisement they cannot differentiate between the various forms of television that impact the outcomes of the advertising campaign. That is the reason why in this article we have come with the difference between terrestrial, cable and satellite television so that the advertising company can easily decide where to advertise their product or service to gain maximum profits and sellers through the advertising campaign.

  • Advertising on Terrestrial Television:The terrestrial television is a kind of television in which the roof-mounted antennas are used to transmit the analog signals. Nowadays you can hardly find any production company to advertise on analog terrestrial television as the analog television is switched to digital terrestrial television which can give you HD quality image and more consistent signal distribution as compared to that of analog terrestrial television. The advantage of advertising on terrestrial television is that it is very cost effective.
  • Advertising on Cable Television:Cable television is a kind of television where the traditional antenna is not required rather in this form of television a big community antenna is used that has the capacity to supply the broadcast signal to the individual household with the help of a coaxial or fiber optic cable. Thus in this form of television, you do not require any external antenna. Initially, in the cable TV analog signal was used but nowadays it is converted into the digital signal. This type of television advertisement is highly used nowadays. The advantage of advertising on cable television is that it the high chances to get more viewers of advertisement.
  • Advertising on Satellite Television:Satellite television is a kind of television in which communication satellite is used orbiting the earth. In this kind of television, the signal is received through an outdoor satellite dish. In this form of television, there is a dedicated satellite receiver whose main function is to decode the advertisement or ant television program and display it on the television set. In this form of television, the satellite receiver and the tuner are mainly used with the external set-top box or in some cases it is found to be inbuilt into the TV set. The main advantage of advertising on this television is that the satellite television advertisement offers a wide range of channels as well as service. The satellite television advertisement is mainly used in those geographical areas where it is not possible to set up terrestrial television or cable television due to the various environmental factors.

This is the main difference between the terrestrial television advertisement, cable television advertisement, and satellite television advertisement. It is very essential to understand the difference between these various forms of television advertisement before investing money in a television advertisement. Once the production companies Los Angeles can fully understand the concept of various forms of television advertisement they can easily decide which form of television advertisement will be most beneficial for them to advertise their product or service.

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