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5 Cool Design Ideas for a Japanese Traditional Style

Author: Kadir Tuncel
by Kadir Tuncel
Posted: Jan 13, 2019
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Japanese traditional design culture requires an interior that is surrounded by the simplistic and modest designs of Japanese Zen culture. This style will bring tranquility and harmony to every corner of your home. The concept of Zen and japanese style is the harmony of the balanced relationship of nature, old customs and simplicity with a minimalistic touch. The simplistic furnishing prevents feeling overcrowded in an interior. The white and wood furnitures allow the natural light to be reflected and it also provides a calming and restful space.

Traditional Japanese furnitures are very useful and they are really high in quality in Japan. So if you need to transport a furniture from Japan to your home, you have to be extremely careful about packing them while shipping furniture from Japan because you may not find them easily everywhere in high quality.

Here you can find 5 cool traditional Japanese style items and furnitures that you can decorate your home with and create a beautiful harmony with the modern and the traditional.

1. Tatami Mats

It is highly common that when thinking about a Japannese style room tatami mats as flooring are the first thing to came to mind. Tatami mats can be found in most of the traditional Japanese style homes and they also remove their shoes or any kind of footwear before stepping into tatami. Traditionally tatami mat made using thick woven rice straw and they very useful. If you want to decorate your home in Zen Japanese style it will give your home a more traditional and warm look.

2. Low Tables

In traditional Japanese homes low tables are used for having a tea and they also are used for relaxing while sitting on the floor in tatami rooms. It is highly common and used even in the modern room designs. These wooden Japanese low tables are very useful and comfortable to use and can be simply decorated.

3. Cushions

These cushions are used for sitting and relaxing while having a tea or meditating in a Japanese home. It will be really comfortable to sit and meditate on then and they will help you to create a cosy and peaceful vibe while decorating. If you want to create this peaceful Zen relaxing space in your home you can make yourself a tatami corner with comfortable cushions, low tables and more relaxing items that will bring you peace.

4. Sliding Doors

A sliding door is the essential element of a traditional Japanese home. These sliding doors made out of wooden frames covered in translucent paper that allows the natural light in and it allows to see the nature. The sliding doors also gives the room more space transforming the room to a bigger place. It also can be very useful to replace a big wall with a sliding door in order to create more space and let more light in.

5. Partitions

The purpose of the partitions is to divide a room and create privacy. These Japanese partitions are in a zigzag form and can be folded. They are portable so they are really useful and even transporting them can be very easy too. Partitions can be decorated either with colorful paintings or with a more simple design and simple colors. It is up to you to chose which one to use in your Japanese styled room.

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