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Benefits of Living in a Gated Community in Dubai

Author: Jagriti Singh
by Jagriti Singh
Posted: Jan 13, 2019

Keep in mind that a gated community is a form of a residential community. It is usually enclosed within walls or fences. Dubai has a good number of gated communities. These include the Arabian Ranches, Greens Community etc. Living in gated communities could be the number one choice for you if you crave a complete set of amenities. Clearly, it is a top choice for many.

Here are some of the top benefits of living in a gated community in Dubai:

High security

Security is a major reason why many resort to this option. A gated community is rendered safe and secure in every term. Gated communities provide a closed off and well-guarded surrounding. These have fixed entrance and exit points.These can be manned or can be with electronic security as well. This implies that verified residents and guests can only enter the community. The security gate clearly confirms that trespassers do not get anywhere further than the gates. This community can include CCTV cameras for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems etc.

A good deal of privacy

Gated community provides you with lots of privacy. So, clearly, if you fancy privacy, you should go for it! You are bound to feel exclusive here! In fact, a gated community provides extra privacy. This community gives access to residents and verified guests. The good thing is that you can have your own space away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You do not have to worry about the outside world while living in a gated community. Thus, many elites get attracted to this form of community.

Proper community

A gated community provides you with an exclusive sense of community as well. You feel like a part of a well-loved community. You feel loved and secure! The good thing is that there is an innate form of understanding between the residents. On top of that, these communities often organize several events or festivals for the residents to come together and enjoy. Since the communal facilities are controlled, you get to know your neighbors well. This leads to a great sense of trust among the residents.

Integrated form of lifestyle

This is one of the biggest advantages of staying in a gated community. You can enjoy a well-integrated lifestyle here. It has a complete set of facilities. You can even avail several communal facilities such as tennis courts. You can have grand access to a number of amenities. You can avail facilities such as a golf course, tennis courts, football pitches etc. You can also have swimming pools and gyms in most cases. This ensures cozy living.

No chance of solicitors

Gated communities keep trespassers away. Thus, you do not have to worry in this context. You can pretty much restrict entry to whoever you want into the community. This makes it a safe and secure place. You can have a good sense of freedom and control. You are saved from a good deal of frustration.

No traffic

You do not have to tolerate loudness of the traffic here. Even the regular traffic is absent. There are no speeding vehicles. This makes gated communities safe and secure to stay. You can get a good deal of peace and quietness in this place.

Good value for money

In case you decide to sell your home in the gated community, you are bound to get a good price. This is one of the biggest benefits of staying in a gated community. After all, these communities have trusted builders with higher property value. People are bound to get attracted to this type of community that ensures a comfortable lifestyle. There are plenty of affordable gated communities that you can go for. These have good property value especially when it is from a reliable builder. You must sell it later on. This is a good advantage.

Environment-friendly lifestyle

There are certain gated communities that use natural sources of energy such as solar panels. There is a bunch of gated communities that use natural sources for energy such as wind, water and solar. The Dubai Sustainable City is one such community. You can actually end up saving a good deal of energy bill that usually adds to the benefits of living in a gated. This type of green gated community designs homes with a focus on energy efficiency. Eco-friendly materials are used to build some of these properties. Thus, they promote water and electricity conservation. They tend to improve air quality in an indirect way. This leads to a healthy environment.

A safe place for children

There are many families with kids. These families can actually make the best decision of their lives by picking a gated community! This is because gated communities come with a great deal of safety and security. This is really good for children with aspirations for exploring. Also, this community has no open roads with moving traffic that adds to the safety. You can actually allow your kids to go outdoors and play at their will! You usually get communal areas that are meant for the kids to play. This makes the task of monitoring easier for you as well!

A better environment

You can get a greener environment if you choose a gated community. Most of the gated communities have a greener environment in usual. Since there is no moving traffic or outsiders here, gated communities are less likely to be open to pollution. These are maintained regularly as well. You can have controlled facilities here as well. This is the reason enough for you to pick a gated community to stay lifelong!

However, before getting a gated community for yourself and your family, you must check the area and research well. Greens, a beautiful gated community in Dubai or the villas in Arabian Ranches community is a top one. There are many others too. Look into the list of the top areas and shortlist those that pique your interest. Keep the above-mentioned benefits in mind at the time of choosing your home!

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