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Small Scale Coffee Hulling Machine Suppliers in China

Author: Serena Han
by Serena Han
Posted: Jan 18, 2019
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Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is the mainly small scale coffe bean hulling machine suppiers in China. Our factory supply high quality coffee bean processing machines.

Application of Coffee Hulling Machine in China:

This machine is mainly used for peeling rice and coffee beans.

  1. The one-time peeling rate of this machine is 99% (peeling rate).
  2. It is also good at peeling the black skin of coffee beans.
  3. The machine has high quality, good performance, stable operation and long service life.

Characteristics of Small Coffee Hulling Machine

  1. This machine is our company's patented product, small three plastic cots sheller, sheller rate up to 99%, equivalent to two cots sheller twice.
  2. Can thoroughly remove the small noise separation residue.
  3. The machine body is fully enclosed with chaff dust and whole bag. There is no dust in the room for use or appearance, and there is little environmental health noise.
  4. The door of the machine can be easily opened, and there is glass on the door, which can be adjusted conveniently.
  5. Thick layer of cots, long service life.
  6. This machine is a new model, made of all steel plate and brick. There is no gap in the machine, and the cloth bag collects dust.

Small Scale Coffee Hulling Machine Suppliers in China

  1. Machinery imported coffee processing equipment technology at home and abroad, with a strong equipment research and development team.
  2. The largest manufacturer in Central Plains provides the strongest after-sales service support and guarantee.
  3. We have a professional R&D and sales team to provide the best quality service team.
  4. All the food processing equipment and products of our company are of high quality and quantity. Any problems occur within one year. The company maintains and distributes spare parts free of charge.

If you are interested in our coffee bean hulling machine, welcome you contact us.

Skype: serenayan666


Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212

China's coffee bean production area:

The coffee bean production areas in China are mainly in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong and Taiwan. The northern part of Hainan Island and the southern part of Yunnan Province are located between 15 degrees north latitude and the Tropic of Cancer. Their coffee is strong but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, and very unique. And with a little fruit flavor, it is the top grade of coffee, which is highly praised internationally.

Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone. It is mountainous and rainy season. For coffee beans, it is a good growing environment. Since Guangxu, the British introduced coffee trees, but now there are still small-scale planting. The more famous producing areas are Huilin Farm in Nantou Mountain (more than 1,000 meters above sea level) and Hebud Mountain in Yunlin Gukeng (meters above sea level). Coffee tastes similar to Central and South American beans, with soft acidity and good texture, and a mild taste.

Yunnan Province is the main coffee bean producing area in China. Yunnan is located in the subtropical mountain climate area south of the Tropic of Cancer. It has a unique plateau laterite, rich and loose soil, mild climate, especially suitable for planting small-grain coffee.

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