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How to buy pure pashmina shawls?

Author: Phamb Casmere
by Phamb Casmere
Posted: Jan 23, 2019

Pure Pashmina shawls are one of the most expensive clothing items one can think of, but the actual struggle is to find a real and authentic product out in the market. There are a lot of brands out there who sell these shawls, but the material used in manufacturing them are not pure Pashmina wool.

When one plans to buy pure Pashmina shawls online the biggest problem they face is in terms of finding an authentic product. Even if 5% of other materials are mixed with Pashmina wool it hinders the authenticity of the whole product and considering the price we pay to buy them compromising with the quality is something we don’t deserve.

So here are a few steps on how one can identify a real Pashmina while purchasing them.

Burn test

Take out a thread from the shawl and burn it on a plate. Smell the ashes, if it smells like burnt hair and it feels like powder then it is real pashmina shawl.

  • The matte-like feeling of burnt Pashmina shawl material

The real pashmina shawls have matte look and finish that proves its authenticity. The matte look is identified before burning.

  • Diameter check

If the pashmina shawl’s diameter is more than 19 microns then do not buy it as the real ones have 14 to 15.5 microns as its diameter.

  • Weaving tells genuineness

Check the pashmina shawl in light, if the weaves are irregular then it is real. This is because the real pashmina shawls are made on handloom and it will have irregular weaves.

  • Rubbing test

If the shawl generates even a tiny spark when rubbed then it is not a real pashmina shawl. It will also attract dust particles and tiny objects.

  • Glue fix test

The real pashmina shawls cannot be glued with a tag, it needs to be stitched. Hence, if there is a tag glued to the shawl then it is fake.

  • Wiggle test

If they are a wiggle mark on pashmina shawls when someone wiggles between index finger and thumb. Then the shawl may be acrylic.

  • Shining is not everything

The pashmina shawls do not shine and if it gives glittery and glowy effect then it is not real.

  • Microscopic test

Place a transmitted light under pashmina shawls. If it shows block-shaped patterns that are linked to very close to each other, then it is real pashmina shawl. If the distance between block-shaped patterns is extended then it is fake.

  • Dimensions of pashmina shawl

The Pashmina shawls have standard dimensions of 36/80 inches and higher dimensions have low cost. Do not go for higher dimensions as it may be unauthentic.

  • Pilling test

The pilling is one thing in clothes that no one likes it. However, in the case of pashmina shawls, the pilling is necessary as it describes its authenticity.

These tricks are commonly applied to identify the real pashmina shawls. One can buy pure pashmina shawls online, after knowing the manufacturer and other details. There are many manufacturers that duplicate the pashmina shawls and claim it to be real. So gather knowledge about the seller and then plan to invest in it.

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