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Naruto H5 is coming. Are you ready?

Author: Ruan Naruto
by Ruan Naruto
Posted: Jan 25, 2019

Naruto H5 is a new RPG game developed based on the Naruto series. The background is about a twist in time and as the Savior, the player will need to save the twisted ninja world. While journeying, the player will meet with all the famous characters of Naruto H5 while forming the best team to fight together. There are multiple other gameplay as well, including the Treasure Hunt to gather treasure shards, and Defending Konoha against Akatsuki’s members’ invasions.

However, after some soul searching and confronting his insecurities during the Tobishachimaru’s hijacking, he finally decides to fill the role of Hokage at its full capacity. This bit of self-doubt was a growing part of Kakashi’s character in the later sections of Naruto, and him finally confronting these issues as he becomes Hokage is a great way to wrap up his character arc.

In fact, this traveling becomes so commonplace for the pair that they are even seen visiting hot springs together during one of the first major arcs in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Considering how the two were called rivals during the series, despite sharing little screen time together, this is a nice way for the franchise to rekindle their friendship and place them both in fun and interesting situations.

The Land of Silence was a relatively rural and unknown nation that rose to power and challenged the Allied Shinobi after the evil Gengo took down the nation’s former leader. As the nation began wreaking havoc on unsuspecting villages, Kakashi dispatched a special team of ninja to assassinate Gengo and return things to the peaceful status quo.

Even if large-scale attacks on the Hidden Leaf Village are rather common, Kakashi still handles this threat with an extremely high level of competence and prevents the level of damage seen during the Chunin Exam invasion and Pain’s attack. Such an assault is literally a Hokage’s worst fear and Kakashi handled it much better than any of his predecessors.

The Shinobi Union rose to prominence following the Fourth Great Shinobi War and acts as a kind of United Nations for the ninja world. Comprised of each of the five great nations, the samurai nation of the Land of Iron, and a few others; the organization carries out missions for those who approach it and contributes to peacekeeping efforts.

After the Fourth Shinobi War wrapped up and a more peaceful period began, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. While this promotion surprised many, both characters and viewers alike as Naruto was already an incredibly powerful and celebrated ninja at the time, it makes a lot of sense.

Once Danzo parished, the organization disbanded and the names of the agents nearly became public knowledge. Kakashi stepped in and prevented this leak, though, because he felt that the guilt these ninjas had to live with was punishment enough already and that making their names public would only create fear and paranoia.

Officially released in two different Naruto games, fans can now enjoy Hinata and Tsunade in sultry new holiday looks.Granted, he knew that he was leaving the village in safe hands with Naruto replacing him, but it’s still a bit odd that he didn’t spend a greater amount of time in the role. His expertise and wisdom aren’t totally lost to the Hidden Leaf Village, though, as Kakashi regularly acts as an advisor to Naruto and aids the younger Hokage whenever the need arises.

Few other anime and manga series are even close to the critical and commercial success of the Naruto franchise. Since its print premiere in 1999 and the launch of the anime in 2002, the series drew in millions of viewers with its intriguing character designs, relatable themes, and stunning battles. Now, nearly two decades after the launch of the series, it still remains a juggernaut in the anime and manga world. Even with the original series completing its run some time ago, the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, continues to take viewers through terrific journeys through a fantastical ninja world.

The new Naruto H5 game is launching! Now, join the journey into the Ninja world:

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Naruto H5 is a new Rpg game developed based on the Naruto series. The background is about a twist in time and as the Savior, the player will need to save the twisted ninja world.

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