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4 Signs That You Need to Repair Your Irrigation: Perth Gardening Advice

Author: Luke Porter
by Luke Porter
Posted: Jan 25, 2019

Many people use an irrigation system to provide worry free watering for their gardens. This is a good strategy, but even the best systems can have problems from time to time. In this article, we will examine four signs that your system may need some irrigation repairs.

1. A Dripping Control Valve

At the back end of your irrigation system is vital to ensure that the correct quantity of water is delivered to every zone in your garden. When the control valves are working as intended, they shouldn’t leak or drip water everywhere. This will quickly lead to areas of damp water or puddles around your filters and pressure regulators. Over time, any grass clippings, dirt particles, and garden debris can accumulate in this equipment, and this will cause leaks. The watering operations will be compromised, and the water will be poorly distributed. If you see drips, leaks and puddles, contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help to get your Perth irrigation system working correctly.

2. Dry and Soaked Areas

The water coverage should be balanced to make sure that your lawn and garden stays healthy. If there is a leak somewhere in your irrigation system, this will affect how the water is distributed in your garden. You may notice that some areas are extremely dry and other are overly soaked to the point of saturation. No-one wants puddles or patches of yellow grass on their lawns, so urgent action is required. It may be that the zone settings need to be adjusted or the sprinkler heads could be faulty. Get in touch with Luke’s Landscaping; we will be able to pinpoint the issue and get the water flowing efficiently again.

3. Water Pressure Problems

If the water pressure is to low the irrigation system will not be able to deliver adequate amounts of water to your garden. If the water pressure is too high, the irrigation system can be damaged easily. If the water pressure fluctuates, you may want to check the regulators and/or control valves first, because the fault may be in the irrigation pipes. Just like your plumbing, an irrigation pipe under the garden can be susceptible to invasive tree root growth and shifting ground conditions.

4. High Water Costs

If you keep a close eye on your water bills, it will be immediately apparent if a higher than expected bill arrives. This can be caused by a broken pressure regulator that is forcing too much water into the irrigation system, or the control valve could have failed, and it’s delivering an unbalanced load. Sometimes, a sudden spike in water usage can indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the irrigations system. This will allow the water to escape and yet it will cost money. Obviously, fixing this problem quickly is vital if you want to avoid wasting money on unnecessarily high water bills. A local professional landscaper will be able to identify the source of the problem and fix it quickly to get your water usage back on track.

If they need help with their irrigation Perth, residents should get in touch with Luke’s Landscaping for expert gardening advice.

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