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Coughs, colds and flu

Author: Starz Speak
by Starz Speak
Posted: Jan 26, 2019

But homeopathy can alleviate the symptoms,

I would like to consider several medicines for a throat cough and how they can combat colds and the evils of winter. However, before doing so, I would like to say that, as a doctor, I support vaccination against influenza for the elderly and vulnerable.

In my experience, working as a GP in a practice with one of the largest populations of patients over 65 in the UK, our annual flu vaccination campaign has meant that I inevitably see far fewer cases of influenza than when I was doing. My medical training in Manchester, where older patients were less numerous. There will always be people who have a naturally strong constitution and who do not need to get vaccinated against the flu, but vaccination does not prevent homeopathy from helping protect against winter ailments.

While the purpose of this article is to discuss homeopathic remedies for colds and flu and general winter ailments, we must consider why we detected them in the first place. Obviously, there are many opportunistic viruses that contract when we are suffering from something else. As a doctor, I see this frequently and the reason why we detect these secondary infections is because our immune system has weakened to fight the first one and in this weakened state it is not able to resist the appearance of the second one.

Low immunity and lifestyle.

What causes the decrease in our immune system? The short answer is many things! Stress and fatigue are not only caused by physical effort, but also by simple lack of sleep and general concerns of a material or medicines for cough personal nature. So, what can we do to improve our chances of not detecting these viruses in the first place? Well, by improving the personal hygiene that I have covered at the end of this article and by strengthening our immune system. Twenty years as a GP have shown me that patient statements about changes in lifestyle do not necessarily produce results. If you are in debt or have personal relationship problems, it is not practical for a doctor and, in fact, it is probably impossible to try to correct it, but the inescapable fact is that stress weakens your immunity and can reduce your ability to fight winter diseases.. Therefore, we must analyze the factors that can be changed or the things we can take to help increase our resistance.

Most professionals today believe that a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads combined with regular physical exercise is better than a high-fat diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol in excess not only reduce the ability of your immune system to fight infections, but are extremely reckless. However, even with the best diet and a relatively stress free life, all of us will inevitably get a cold or flu.

So, how can homeopathy help in this case? I have chosen four remedies that I prescribe regularly for winter diseases.


Aconite is one of the most commonly used remedies in the winter and is generally recommended when the symptoms of a cold suddenly appear, usually after exposure to a cold, dry wind. There may be a severe headache, which is often described in terms of fullness or heaviness, and may be centered on the left temple and is usually throbbing in nature. The face is usually red, hot and red, with dry eyes, sore and injected in blood. The throat is normally red and dry with a feeling as if something is "stuck in the throat". From this, it can be understood that these symptoms of heat and dryness, medicines for a throat cough which affect the left side of the body, with an acute sensitivity to cold winds or air currents, are those that can be successfully treated with Aconite.

This remedy can also be used to treat a dry and painful cough that manifests itself with a feeling of tension and pressure on the left side of the chest. Here, however, a warning: symptoms that persist for more than two to three weeks, or increase in severity, despite the administration of a homeopathic remedy, should be investigated urgently by a health professional.

However, homeopathy can be used along with all conventional medications, will not interfere with antibiotics or antibiotics will prevent homeopathic remedies from being effective.

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A remedy that is recognized and accepted for use in colds and similar conditions is Gelsemium, which is made with yellow jasmine. The symptoms for which this remedy is ideal are feelings of weakness and trembling sensation in the legs and general fatigue. In addition, it is very beneficial for people who feel apathetic, lethargic and who want nothing more than simply to remain silent, without being disturbed. Fatigue that persists after influenza, or a similar viral infection, responds well to Gelsemium. Many people who suffer from this type of disease describe a headache as if they had been put on a very tight elastic band and, again, this common but distressing symptom can be helped by this remedy. While Aconite adapts to patients who feel hot and burning, other patients who experience chills and chills, accompanied by sleep deprivation caused by the mind unable to relax, will do well with Gelsemium.

Allium cepa

This is a homeopathic remedy that has been shown in the treatment of a simple cold that occurs with a nose that drips and drips constantly and with eyes that irrigate. Since this remedy is based on red onion, it should not be surprising that the symptoms induced by exposure to it are those that the remedy can help relieve. The upper lip of the mouth may become red and painful, and sneezing is a major problem. An additional symptom is an annoying tickling in the throat that is usually very sore and accompanied by hoarseness in the voice. For these symptoms and for a cough with tingling and tingling, Allium cepa probably adapts.


At this point, almost everyone will know from experience that, with almost two hundred recognized rhinoviruses, the symptoms, although in general they are similar, have subtle variations; a runny nose may be the predominant feature of one, while a stuffy nose may be the symptom of another. One virus can cause a sore throat and another a mild but burning earache, and it is because of these subtle variations that the recommended homeopathic remedies also work in slightly different ways. An example of this is Euphrasia, eyebright, which in many ways functions as Allium cepa, medicines for cough with the difference that this is suggested for an infection that inflames and reddens the eyes, accompanied by a cold. Other bothersome and distressing symptoms associated with influenza and cold-like viral diseases are painful joints and aching muscles that can be debilitating. Although the remedies analyzed so far will help in some way to relieve them, when they are serious, Eupatorium perfoliatum is recommended..

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