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The Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Jan 31, 2019
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Relocating is a bold move and you should think it through before you make the final decision. Moving to another place is a tiring and exhausting process but also worth the effort if you are moving to the place you have always dreamt of. For starters, you should research the place you want to move to. Read and ask about your new state and city, your new neighborhood and schools for your kids. If Florida is the destination you have picked, we will walk you through the pros and cons of living in Florida!

The Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Florida, also known as Sunshine State, is one of the top dream living destinations. Florida has beautiful shorelines and plenty of activities that you can do, whether you are moving there or spending your vacation. On the other hand, Florida is also an area of potential severe weather threats, such as appalling sun and tons of different kinds of insects. If you decide to move to Florida, you will have to hire a professional mover. Moving Kings Van Lines FL is a professional moving company and they will provide plenty of different moving services for you.

Let's see now what are the pros and cons of living in Florida!

The Pros of Living in Florida

The decision to move will be way easier if you are familiar with all the pros and cons of living in Florida. Let's see what are the pros of living in Florida now:

  • Sunny and amazing place
  • A lot of Activities/things to do
  • Weather
  • Carnivals and Attractions

Sunny and Amazing place

Many residents simply love to live here because Florida is an amazing place. You will be able to afford a nice house in a nice neighborhood because the current housing market is extremely cheap. Also, Florida has no income state taxes! Therefore, prices are even lower, and you will be able to keep more of your hard-earned money in your wallet.

A lot of Activities/Things to do

You can enjoy a lot of activities, alone or with your family. Enjoyable beaches, parks, snorkeling, and swimming or visiting a theme park are only a few of the many activities you can do in Florida. For those golf fans, this is what you can enjoy if you decide to get golf club packages. Living in Florida will allow you to visit the theme park during the offseason when there are not so many tourists around. Believe it or not, this will be one wonderful experience.


Most of the days during the year are sunny and wonderful. Average temperature during the whole year is eighty degrees. Sunny days will allow you to explore hidden springs and underwater caves while you are snorkeling. Because of the sunny weather, Florida can provide an enormous amount of oranges. Also, don't worry about rainstorms, they last for no longer than a few hours.

Carnivals and Attractions

Florida is a place where you can see launching space crafts into the sky! This also can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. The wildlife and nature in Everglades are also amazing! Florida also has the Morikami Museum museum, that is completely dedicated to the living culture of Japan. If you move to Florida, you will be able to visit all these places during the offseason and it will be a very different and amazing experience.

After all, if you have already decided to move to Florida, you will have to find licensed movers in Florida and make your move fast and easy!

The Cons of Living in Florida

Before you decide to move to Florida, you will also have to know about the cons of living in this sunny state.

  • Humidity
  • Insurance
  • Hurricanes
  • Insects


Even though Florida has sunny and nice days during the whole year, living there when the summer season comes can be really tough. June, July, and August are the hottest months every year. Humidity and high temperatures during the summer season are extreme. Sometimes people say that they feel like they are living on the sun’s surface.


As we have already said, housing prices in Florida are not high and affordable. However, after a while, you might want to move to a bigger and nicer house and that, for some people, can be a problem. Getting a larger house will drastically raise up your mortgage payments. You should inform yourself before you purchase home insurance In Florida.

Also, if you move to Florida you can expect a lot of visitors. Your family and friends will most likely visit you a couple times a year. Therefore, your expenses will be higher.


The average temperature in Florida is around eighty degrees but that is not a norm. You should know that peninsula of Florida has a huge hurricane potential. Hurricane may happen or not while you are on a vacation in Florida, you can never know! For those who are planning to live there, this is one of the things that you should be concerned about.


Adapting to the high temperature in Florida might not be a problem for you but, what about insects? Do you think you can handle that? Mosquitos, water bugs, snakes, and other creepy slimy creatures are everywhere! You should also know that there are alligators everywhere too. If you are planning to become one of the residents of Florida, you should watch out for the alligators! On your way to the mailbox, garage, car and other places that you are planning to walk to, be careful, alligator might poke its nose at you! Seriously though, they are not that common a sight but there is a fair number of them in Florida.

These were the pros and cons of living in Florida! If you decide to move to Florida, we wish you good luck and a wonderful life!

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